C Spire APN Settings – 4G Internet Configuration

C Spire APN settings is the gateway between a mobile network and another computer network, frequently the public Internet. Using the latest APN settings for C spire will give you a clear voice call experience and faster internet speed as well. In today’s blog, we will provide you with the latest configuration for C spire APN so that you can also experience the ultimate & good internet speed on your mobile.

About C Spire

This company was founded in 1988 originally as Cellular South and was rebranded as C Spire in 2006. As of 2022, C Spire has over 900,000 wireless customers to whom it provides wireless voice and data services, home phone, broadband internet, and telecommunications services. C Spire is privately owned by the Lampton family and the Creekmore family, with Hu Meena serving as the current CEO.

What Are C Spire APN Settings For Android?

If you are an Android user and want to update your C Spire APN details then go to settings > mobile network >  access point names and click on + symbol there. Now you will have to fill in the C Spire details to update your APN settings.

  • Name: cspire
  • APN: cspire
  • Proxy: <not set>
  • Port: <not set>
  • Username: <not set>
  • Password: <not set>
  • Server: <not set>
  • MMSC: http://pix.cspire.com/servlets/mms
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 8799
  • MCC: 311
  • MNC: 480
  • Authentication Type: None
  • APN Type: default,supl,mms
  • APN Protocol: IPv4
  • Bearer: Unspecified

Once you are done filling in the C Spire APN details on your Android phone you have to restart it to make the new configuration work. It can be done in 2 ways, one is restarting your phone completely and another is to toggle airplane mode on and off.

Both methods will refresh your device network and the new C Spire APN settings will start working instantly and you will surely experience a change in C Spire internet speed.

C Spire APN Settings For iPhone & IOS

If you have an iPhone then you can still update your C Spire APN on your device. You just have to go to settings > cellular > cellular data settings > click on add APN. Now enter the details in the different sections as we have mentioned here:

C Spire Cellular Data Settings

  • APN: cspire
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank

C Spire LTE Setup

  • APN: cspire
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank

MMS Settings For C Spire

While filling the MMS settings for C Spire keep in mind that you will not make any spelling mistakes here. MMS settings on iPhone is the main setup to change internet settings and it will directly impact on your connection. Now copy and paste the details from below here:

  • APN: cspire
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password: leave blank
  • MMSC: http://pix.cspire.com/servlets/mms
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
  • MCC: 311
  • MNC: 480
  • APN Type: default,mms,supl

After entering all the details just restart your iPhone and it will automatically adapt the updated C spire APN settings. Now you can easily find the difference between old and current internet speed after updating your C Spire APN configuration.

Why My C Spire Internet Is Not Working?

There can be many reasons why your C Spire internet is not working such as wrong APN settings, no internet balance, and any other technical problem. If your C Spire internet is not working properly then you must update to the latest C Spire APN settings first. Now you should check if you have an active internet plan on your mobile or not. For the next step, you have to walk a little to check if networks are available in your area or not.

However, if you are still facing an issue with your internet connection then you must talk to the customer care team of C Spire.

It Is Mandatory To Update C Spire APN Configurations?

No, it is not necessary to update your C Spire APN details on your smartphone. But according to the users using the latest version of company APN settings will give you a smoother and faster internet connection.

You will also get non-glitchy calling, no buffering streaming, and a stable download speed as well. So it is always recommended to update your C Spire APN settings on mobile.

How Do I Know If I Have Used The Latest APN Details For C Spire?

Before updating your APN C Spire you should check your internet speed using any website or tool. Once you get done with the updation work check the internet speed again and you can easily know if you have used the updated C Spire APN configuration or not.

What If I Made Mistake In C Spire APN Settings Updation?

If you made a spelling mistake or any other mistake while updating your APN configuration then you will get no internet connection as a result. According to some users, you may also have to pay a fine if you use the wrong APN for C Spire network.

Can I Get CSpire APN From Customer Care?

Yes, you can also get the C Spire internet settings from customer services. Just call the number 1-855-277-4734 and tell them to avail you of the latest APN configuration file. They may also send you the settings according to your smartphone model and configurations.

You can also contact the customer support using the link: https://www.cspire.com/web/support/contact-us and Email: customerservice@cspire.com.

Below here we have also provided APN configurations for other mobile network operating company as well which may be helpful to you.

We hope these APN settings will help you increase your internet settings on your smartphone.

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