Vodacom APN Settings – 4G Internet Configuration

The best Vodacom APN settings that you should configure are APN:internet, MCC:655, MNC:01. By configuring these internet settings of Vodacom on your phone, you will be able to make your internet very fast.

Internet connection on your device depends on the access point name it is using. Vodacom APN settings allow your device to access data services provided by your mobile carrier. So if you want to access the best internet on your device then you must apply the latest APN settings for the Vodacom network. Apart from this, we will also tell you whether any Vadacom 5G internet settings exist or not.

In today’s article, we will also answer some of the basic questions asked by users of Vodacom Internet.

Vodacom APN Settings For Android

If you are an Android device user then go to settings > mobile network > access point name > and click on the + sign there to add a new Vodacom APN. Now get the details from below and fill them into your device APN carefully without making any mistakes.

  • Name: Vodacom
  • APN: internet
  • Proxy: <Not set>
  • Port: <Not set>
  • Username: <Not set>
  • Password: <Not set>
  • Server: <Not set>
  • MMSC: http://mmsc.vodacom4me.co.za
  • MMS Proxy: <Not set>
  • MMS Port: <Not set>
  • MCC: 655
  • MNC: 01
  • Authentication Type: <Not set>
  • APN Type: default,supl,mms
  • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4

After entering all the details you just have to refresh the Vodacom network to access the internet. Users can also refresh the network by toggling airplane mode on and off. It will help your device to accept the new Vodacom APN settings & provide you with a smoother internet connection.

However, if your latest Vodacom APN details are not working then you should check if you have made any spelling mistakes or not. You can also directly call the customer care service of Vodacom to ask them for an updated Vodacom APN configuration.

Vodacom Internet Settings For iPhone Users

Using an iPhone always gives you some advantages and disadvantages too. So as a disadvantage, you have to fill 3 different sections to change the Vodacom APN settings on the iPhone device. To change the APN settings for Vodacom on iPhone follow the steps:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Cellular > Cellular Data Options
  • Tap Cellular Data Network
  • Tap Add New APN

Now, enter the following Vodacom APN details:

Cellular Data Settings For Vodacom

  • Name: Vodacom
  • APN: internet
  • Password: Leave Empty

LTE Setup (Optional)

  • Name: Vodacom
  • APN: internet
  • Password: Leave Empty

Vodacom MMS Settings For iPhone

MMS settings on an iPhone play the most important role when applying new Vodacom APN settings. So keep in mind that you do not make any kind of spelling mistake while copying it.

  • Name: Vodacom MMS
  • APN: mms.vodacom.net
  • Username: (leave blank)
  • Password: (leave blank)
  • MMSC: http://mms.vodacom4me.co.za/mms/wapenc
  • MMS max message size: 307200
  • MCC: 655
  • MNC: 01

What Are The Default Vodacom APN Settings?

The default Vodacom APN configurations are:

  • Name: Vodacom
  • APN: internet
  • Leave username and password blank

Why My Latest Vodacom APN Configuration Is Not Working?

Spelling mistakes while filling in the APN details for your Vodacom network can lead to no internet connection. The same thing happens if you are using the internet in a signal area. You can also check if you have an active internet plan on your mobile phone.

But even after all the troubleshooting, if the internet is not working then you must contact the support service of Vodacom company.

Is It Important To Update My Vodacom APN Details?

No, it is not always important to update the APN for Vodacom. However updating your APN configuration will always give you benefits such as a smoother internet connection, zero buffering streaming, and clear voice calls.

So it is always suggested by the company and our experts to upgrade 4G Vodacom APN settings.

Will It Cost To Change My APN Settings Vodacom?

No, it will cost no money to update your smartphone Vodacom APN details to get a faster internet connection. You may even get rewarded with extra internet balance to use and experience Vodacom network’s faster and smoother internet service.

What If I Use the Wrong Vodacom APN Configuration Details?

If you fill in the wrong or misspelt APN settings details you will get no internet connection. There is no way that you will be able to use the internet with the wrong APN settings for Vodacom.

You will also not be able to send the MMS picture messages and get stuck trying to send/receive if the MMS APN settings are incorrect. Also If you insert incorrect APN settings, you may find data roaming stops working completely when traveling outside your home network area.

How Do I Know If I Have Used The Correct Vodacom APN Settings?

To check if you have used the correct APN settings or not then just try sending a picture message to another phone. If you are able to send MMS then you have used the correct Vodacom APN details on your smartphone.

What Are The Latest Vodacom APN Settings? 

Vodacom periodically updates its APN settings to optimize network connectivity. Check the Vodacom website or contact customer support to get the newest APN settings for your device.

How Do I Configure APN Settings On My Windows Phone?

On a Windows Phone, go to Settings > mobile network > select your Vodacom SIM > tap on “add APN” and enter the Vodacom APN details. Make sure to save when done.

I Cannot Send Or Receive MMS Messages With Vodacom. How Can I Fix This?

If you cannot send MMS messages, ensure the MMS APN, MMSC, MMS Proxy, and Port values are entered correctly in your Vodacom internet settings. Double-check the settings and contact Vodacom support if issues continue.

My Vodacom APN Settings Reset After A Software Update. Why Does This Happen?

Sometimes a device software update may reset custom APN settings back to default. Just re-enter the correct Vodacom APN values and save after an update.

Is There Any Vodacom 5G APN Settings?

Yes, Vadocom offer 5G internet settings in 2024. However, its 5G internet configuration can completely vary according to your location and device. However, the major 5G internet settings of Vodacom are:

Vodacom 5G Internet Configuration:

NameVodacom Internet
ProxyNot required
PortNot required
UsernameNot required
PasswordNot required
Authentication typePAP or CHAP

MMS Settings For Vodacom 5G:

NameVodacom MMS
UsernameNot required
PasswordNot required
Authentication typeNone

To start using 5G internet on your phone, you just need to configure the above provided 5G internet settings of Vodacom on your phone.

How Do I Configure Vodacom APN Settings When Roaming Internationally? 

Contact Vodacom to get the APN details for international roaming. The settings are usually different from your home country’s Vodacom APN.

Can I Manually Configure APN For Vodacom On My iPhone? 

Yes, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Add APN and enter Vodacom APN information. Toggle it once saved.

If you want to know other APN settings then you can browse the website freely or check the top once from below here:

We hope these APN settings for other telecom companies will help you to increase your internet speed.

Info Source: https://www.vodacombusiness.co.za/business/solutions/mobile-and-voice/apn

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