How To Convert 4G Mobile To 5G?

The trend of 5G network has increased significantly in the recent times. Due to this, many people are looking to switch their 4G smartphone to 5G. That is why, here we will provide you with how to convert 4G mobile to 5G.

Also, we will look in depth that whether this is practically possible or not.

But before that, let’s know what advantages does 5G have over 4G network.

Why Switch To 5G Network Then Using 4G?

Well there are lots of benefits that 5G network provides over the 4G. These are as follows:

  1. 5G network is faster as compared to the 4G.
  2. You might face very low latency issues while using the 5G network.
  3. 5G network provides you faster file sharing options.

So, these are some of the top advantages that 5G network provides over the 4G network.

Can You Convert 4G Mobile To 5G?

No, practically it is not possible convert your 4G smartphone to 5G. Theoretically, you just need to changes the network bands and hardware of your phone to upgrade it to 5G.

But in reality, it is not possible as it might not only involve lot of cost but aslo can create compatibility issues.

So, also rather than upgrading your phone, you should buy a new smartphone to enjoy 5G network.

However, in the further section, we can provide you with the further methods through which you can use 5G like speed on your 5G phone.

Why 5G Phone Can’t Be Converted To 4G?

There are various reasons due to which you cannot converted 4G phone to 5G. These are as follows:

  • Hardware: The very first reason is the hardware related issues. To convert 4G mobile to 5G, your phone needs to fulfill the 5G hardware requirements.
  • Frequency Bands: The next reasons is the frequency bands. You might need to install 5G bands on your 4G phone and that might include lot of cost.
  • Technology Standards: Not only hardware but your phone also need to have upgraded software to use 5G network.

These are some of the top reasons due to which your phone might not convert to 5G phone.

Methods To Use 5G Speed On 4G Smartphone

As stated, it is not practically possible to convert 4G phone to 5G. However, there are still some methods through which you can get 5G like speed on your 4G phone. These are as follows:

Use WiFi

The very first thing that you could do is to use a WiFi with very good signal strength and speed. Using such type of WiFi’s can help you to get extreme level speed.

Optimize Internet Settings

The next thing that you can do is to optimize your network settings. To do this, you are suggested to apply the best internet configuration according to your device. This will help you to get next level internet speeds.

Remove Unwanted App

The next thing that you can do is to just remove unwanted apps and boatwares from your phone. These software run in background that ultimately affects the speed of internet on your phone.

Update System Software

The next thing that you can do is to simply install the system software to the latest available version. This can also help you to boost the speed and enjoy 5G like internet on 4G phone.

Use Signal Booster

The last thing that you can do is to install signal boosters. Like, these are special types of devices that yon need to install on your WiFi router. These will help you to make internet connection very fast.

These are the major methods that you shold follow to enjoy the 5G speeds on your 4G smartphone.

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How Do I Transfer My 4G SIM To 5G?

To transfer 4G SIM to 5G, you just need to visit the official website of your ISP and fullfil the criteria provided by them. Once done, your 4G SIM will be transferred to 5G.

Do I Need To Change My 4G SIM To Get 5G?

No, there is no need to change your 4G SIM or number. You can use the same SIM card to get 5G speeds.

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