Check ATT Port Status In 2024

If you have recently ported your sim to the ATT network then you must also want to know the times and your ATT port status. AT&T takes 5 to 7 days if you are transferring a non-wireless number. However, it can be done in 1-3 business hours if you start your number transfer in an AT&T store near your area.

There can be so many ways by which you can check ATT port status but using the ATT tool to check port status is the best.

How Do I Check My AT&T Port Status?

To check your AT&T number transfer status you can simply follow the below-mentioned steps here:

  • Visit the official ATT and check the port status page.
  • Now enter your number.
  • Fill in Google Captcha.
  • Click on the check status button.
  • Now wait and you will get avail with the result of your ATT com portstatus.
Check My AT&T Port Status

Even if after a few days you are not getting port in status ATT then you should call the ATT customer care number at 1-855-401-9291. After getting connected to one of the executives you can ask them about your post status for ATT number and other details.

3 Types of ATT Port Status

Once you press the enter button on ATT official Port status checking tool you can get avail with one of the three statuses.

  • Pending: It means your port request has been received and is in processing.
  • In Progress: This means that the port process has been started and is being done by AT&T & previous carriers.
  • Completed: This means that the port process is completed and your ATT sim card is active and ready to use.

If you are not getting any of these messages after checking your AT&T port status on the official site then you must call customer care at 1-855-401-9291.

How Does AT&T Port Process Work?

If you want to port your number to the ATT network then you have to collect your carrier information. Once you have your details, now just request AT&T network to port your SIM number to their network from the current carrier.

Now, AT&T will check the eligibility of your number before porting and will contact you to confirm the ATT port request. The ATT customer executive will ask you some basic details such as phone number, account info, and some other information as well.

Now AT&T network starts porting your request and can take up to 4 business days to activate a sim card with ATT network. Users can check their ATT port status as well by visiting the port status check page of the official site.

Common Reasons Behind ATT Port

There are many reasons why users port to the AT&T network and some of them are upgrading to a new device, searching for fast ATT internet, moving to a new area, and so on.

Most of the users are ported to AT&T due to attractive service plans offered by companies with good internet speed. The company also provides a way to check AT&T port status with the help of ATT com port status page.

Contact Customer Support To Check ATT Port Status

By calling on the customer care number of AT&T at 1-855-401-9291 you can also know your ATT number port status. Just dial the number on your phone dialer and press the call button to get connected with one of the AT&T customer care executives.

Now tell the executive your number and ask questions related to your ATT port process such as is it pending, in progress, or completed.

Required Information & Documentation For AT&T Port

To port a phone number to ATT you will need the following information and documentation:

  1. Your Current Phone Number: You will need to provide the number which you want to port to AT&T.
  2. Current Carrier: The name of the company from which you want to port a number to AT&T.
  3. Your Account Number: The bank account number from which you will pay your bills to the ATT network.
  4. Your AT&T Account Pin: The 4-digit code that you use to log in to your ATT account.
  5. A Copy of Your Old Carrier Bill: A copy of your recent bill from your current carrier company.
  6. Letter Of Authorization (LOA): The document that allows AT&T network to port your number to their network.

How To Check AT&T Port Status Online?

To check your ATT port status online simply log in to your ATT account by visiting the official site. Now navigate to “my account” and port status” and fill in your number and the date on which you have requested the porting. Click on submit and done, now you can see the AT&T number transfer status of your number.

What Is The Average Time It Takes To Complete A Porting Request With AT&T?

The average time it takes to complete a porting request with AT&T is 1-2 business days at the AT&T store. However, it can take up to 3-5 business days in some cases. If you are porting a number from a landline carrier, it can take up to 7-10 business days.

Can I Track The Progress Of My ATT Port Request?

Yes, you can track your AT&T port status with the help of page. Users just need to fill in their number & captcha to check ATT port status.

Are There Any Fees Associated With Porting To AT&T?

It does not charge any money from new customers to port into AT&T. However you may need to pay some charges to your old carrier depending on their terms and conditions.

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