Straight Talk Unlock Code Free

Is your Straight Talk sim locked? Then you need a Straight Talk Unlock Code to unblock any of your Straight Talk smartphones. Some like you, New customers are unaware that, newly bought Straight Talk phones come with a lock due to their security features.

This means that you will be unable to use your newly purchased Straight Talk with your SIM card unless you unblock it. If you have to use a SIM card from another provider, this may cause you problems. So, to unblock a locked Stright Talk phone, you must meet the general requirements.

What Is Straight Talk Unlock Code Free?

Use Straight Talk Network Unlock Code

The network unlock code for all the Straight Talk devices is 0000. But remember, this is a default code and might not work for every user. In such a situation you are suggest to follow the other methods that we have provided below.

Are Walmart Straight Talk Phones Unlocked?

Not every Walmart Straight Talk phone are unlocked. After meeting certain requirements, Straight Talk’s unlocking policy allows customers to unlock their Walmart Straight Talk phones.

What is the Straight Talk Network Unlock Code?

The Straight Talk Network Unlock Code is 0000 or 1234. If it does work for your phone, then follow our below methods to obtain the correct unlock code for straight talk.

How to Get Straight Talk Network Unlock Code?

You will receive a Straight Talk network unlock code if you purchased the phone from Straight Talk. So , in order to use that phone you need to use that code.

Moreover, to get an unlock code for straight talk follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Dial 877 430 2355 to contact Straight Talk customer service, any day between 8 AM and 11:45 p.m.
  • Step 2: Request the unlock code. (If you have complied with all the requirements, the customer service representative will check & provide you the unlock code)
  • Step 3: That straight talk phone code contains 10-15 numbers, Enter that in the correct place to unblock your Straight Talks restrictions.

How To Unlock Straight Talk Network?

There are 2 different methods to obtain the Unlock Straight Talk Network Code.

  • Get Straight Talk Phone Unlocked Code through Customer Care.
  • Obtain Straight Talk Network Unlock Code Online.

Straight Talk Phone Unlocked Code Through Customer Care

The initial method you might attempt, to obtain your Straight Talk phone unlock code is via IVR. Simply dial the Straight Talk customer service number 800-876-5753 for assistance.

When you contact the customer service team, simply ask for your Straight Talk network unlock code.

The representative may inquire about your personal information for verification purposes. Once verified, they will send you an email with the Straight Talk network unlock code.

Obtain Straight Talk Network Unlock Code Online

The next method that you can try is to get your Straight Talk SIM unlock code online. For this, you just need to visit the official website of Straight Talk. There, select the preferred handset model to get various options related to it.

At last, click on the Straight Talk Phone Unlock Code option to get your unique Straight Talk phone unlock code.

How To Enter Straight Talk Unlock Code?

To enter a valid Straight Talk code to unlock the network, you have to follow these basic steps:

  • Turn Off your Straight Talk Phone.
  • Take out the Straight Talk SIM card.
  • Now Enter the new carrier SIM card on your phone.
  • Turn ON your Phone now.
  • You will message or notification that your Straight Talk phone needs to be unlocked to access new SIM card services.
  • Click on the message & enter the Straight Talk unlock code.

You have successfully entered your Straight Talk code, and now you can access the network services of any of your favorite SIM cards.

Will Straight Talk Unlock My SIM?

If your Straight Talk phone SIM card is blocked, then you should have to contact Straight Talk customer care at 1-877-430-CELL (2355).

Can I Unlock Straight Talk Phone Online Free With an IMEI Number?

No, there is no official method to unlock a Straight Talk phone online with IMEI number.

Can I Unlock My Straight Talk Phone On My Own?

No, it is compulsory to have an unlock code to access your new Straight Talk Android phone. But in case of the iPhone, your phone get automatically unlock once the activation period passes.
You may also call (888) 442-5102 support and ask for a Straight Talk phone unlock code (for Android).

Do I Have To Pay To Unlock My Straight Talk Phone?

No, your Straight Talk phone gets unlocked for free if you’ve met the carrier’s requirements. If in case certain criteria are not met then it might take up to $300 to unlock your phone.

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