Airtel International SMS Pack For 1 Day

Do you want to send a message out of your country but just for 1 day? If yes then wait we are here with some amazing information and facts about the Airtel international SMS pack for 1 day. Subscribing the international Airtel SMS pack is the best way to use the SMS service of this company.

However, users can also buy the unlimited plan of the Airtel company where they get 100 SMS/ day. But if you want to send the SMS internationally then the international SMS pack Airtel is the best option for you.

Is There Any International SMS Pack For Airtel?

Is There Any International SMS Pack For Airtel

Yes, by recharging your Airtel sim card with Rs 899 you can get 200 SMS on your Airtel sim number for 10 days. Additionally, you will also get 1GB of the internet to use internationally.

However, if you find this plan cost to you then you can also go with the Rupees 649 plan Where you will get only 20 SMS and 500 MB data for just 1 day on your Airtel sim number. This is the only Airtel international SMS pack for 1 day that you can get from the company.

How Can I Activate International SMS In Airtel?

To activate international SMS service on your Airtel sim you need to follow the steps mentioned here:

  1. Open Airtel IR pack page on your device.
  2. Select the country you are visiting.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Choose your Airtel international roaming pack.
  5. Pay charges via card, Airtel payments bank, net banking, or wallet.
  6. Fill in the OTP if you receive it and you are done.

After completing all the steps now you will be able to send messages by activating any Airtel international roaming SMS pack for your number.

How To Activate 1 Day SMS Pack In Airtel?

To activate the Airtel international SMS pack for 1 day you need to recharge your sim number with Rs 649. It will avail you 500MB of data and 20 SMS for just 1 day on your Airtel number. But if you need more SMS then you may need to subscribe for the better Airtel international SMS pack.

What Is The Price Of Airtel International Roaming SMS Pack For 7 Days?

To subscribe to the international SMS pack Airtel for 7 days you need to talk with one of the Airtel customer executives. Airtel provides only 1, 5, 10, 30, and 365 days international Airtel SMS packs for users. You can subscribe to any of the plans by visiting the international page of the Airtel company to send messages internationally.

What Is The Price Of Airtel International SMS Pack For 1 Day?

The Airtel international roaming SMS pack for 1 day’s price is only 649 rupees. You can easily subscribe to this pack with the help of the customer care executives of Airtel or through the IR page of the Airtel website.

How To Send International SMS From Airtel?

To send internet SMS from Airtel number:

  • Make sure your international roaming services are activated.
  • Open the messaging app on your phone.
  • Write down your message in the text box.
  • Write down the recipient’s phone number after writing their country code. EX: +1 for US.
  • Click on the send option.

Can I Send Messages Internationally Without Having an International SMS Pack Airtel?

The answer to this question is yes, you can send SMS via your Airtel sim number without even having an international SMS pack. But as a consequence, you will need to pay Airtel international SMS charges from your sim number. These charges can differ from 10 rupees per SMS to 90 rupees per SMS as well, depending on the location you are visiting.

What Are The Airtel International SMS Charges?

The SMS charges of Airtel international roaming depend on the zone of the country you are visiting according to the Airtel country zone list. You can check the list to find in which zone your visiting country is listed. It can be N 20 to N 50 per SMS depending on the country zone.

Price (N/sms)20303550

What Is an Airtel International Message Pack For 1 Day?

The Airtel international SMS pack for 1 day is the solution for users who want a few SMS to send just for 1 day. The cost of this pack is only Rs 649 which can be paid by online banking, credit/debit card, Airtel payment wallet, or via UPI as well.

Users can get this plan through customer care or the Airtel recharge portal available on the official site. However, taking the help of customer care service is the best way to subscribe to the Airtel international SMS packs.

Can I Receive SMS Without International Roaming Airtel?

No, you cannot receive SMS internationally without IR service active on your Airtel sim number. You must have an Airtel international roaming SMS pack on your number to receive and send SMS. Users cannot even check if they have received any message from an international location if they do not have an Airtel SMS pack international.

Get Airtel International SMS Pack For 1 Day Via Customer Care

To activate 1 day international SMS pack Airtel through the helpline service, first, call the Airtel customer care number. Once you get connected to one of the helpline executives, tell them to provide all Airtel international SMS charges & pack details.

Now, choose 1 pack and follow the instructions provided by the executive. You can also use the online method mentioned above in the post if you have internet access on your mobile.

What Are Airtel International SMS Charges Without Pack?

The standard international SMS charges for Airtel customers without a pack are ₹25 per SMS for both postpaid and prepaid users. Please also note that these charges can be changed at any time so it is always best to check the official Airtel site before making any conclusion.

Can I Receive SMS Without International Roaming Airtel?

No, you cannot receive SMS without international roaming activated on your Airtel number. In order to receive SMS messages while traveling abroad, you need to have international roaming services enabled on your SIM card. This can be done by calling Airtel customer support or through the Airtel Thanks app.

What Is The SMS Rate of Airtel ISD?

The SMS rate of Airtel ISD is Rs 25 per SMS. However, you can reduce it by taking a few steps such as activating the international roaming pack of Airtel, using any messaging application (WhatsApp, Facebook), and using an Airtel prepaid sim. Also, keep in mind that the rates can be changed at any time so it will be better to confirm it with the customer care service of Airtel.

What Is Airtel International Roaming Pack For 90 Days?

The Airtel international roaming pack for 90 days is a plan provided by Airtel company for ₹ 5,999 only. It will include 2 GB data if you select 1 country for roaming while 1 GB data for selecting 2 countries for services. The pack will be active for 90 days means more than 3 months and unlimited slow data connection.

Is There Any Airtel International Roaming SMS Pack For 7 Days?

As of now, there is no 7-day Airtel international SMS pack provided by the company. Instead of this users can go for the 5 days Airtel SMS pack international which will cost Rs 756 only.

What Is The Cost of 1 Year Airtel International SMS Pack?

1 Year Airtel international message pack costs just rupees 2997 only where you receive 20 SMS & data 2GB on your sim number.

What Are Airtel International Roaming SMS Charges?

The Airtel international roaming SMS charges can differ from Rs 10 to Rs 90 depending on your location.

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