How To Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed?

Upgrading your internet speed is always good when you want to get more internet speed. This is why we are here to provide you with the method to increase Airtel 4G internet speed. By updating some settings and details you can easily increase data speed in Airtel sim number. So let’s get to the main points and follow steps to increase network speed in Airtel.

How Can I Increase My Airtel 4g Speed?

How Can I Increase My Airtel 4g Speed?

To increase Airtel 4G speed open mobile settings > mobile network settings > access point name > fill new APN > save settings. By following these steps Android users can easily increase data speed in Airtel sim number.

Users can also complain to the Airtel customer service if their Airtel 4g speed is very slow or zero. The customer support will provide you new GPRS settings or refresh your service network to solve this issue.

Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed By Updating APN

To increase internet speed in Airtel you have to fill in the following details in your new APN settings:

  • Name: Airtel 4G
  • APN:
  • Username: Airtel 4G Speed
  • Server: *99#
  • Authentication Type: PAP
  • APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4/IPv6
  • Bearer: LTE

Once you are done with updating your new APN for Airtel click on the save button and restart your device to refresh your network.

Why My Airtel 4G Speed Is So Slow?

There can be many reasons why Airtel 4G speed is very slow such as old APN settings, no internet plan, or lower signal coverage. You can fix the slow internet problem in Airtel by updating data settings or requesting new GPRS settings from Airtel telecom services.

What Is The Maximum Speed Of Airtel 4G?

The maximum speed of Airtel 4G is up to 100 mbps. However it usually touches at least 35 mbps with normal data plan and good network coverage. But if you are not getting a good network speed then you can increase Airtel 4G internet speed by updating your internet settings.

How To Speed Up Airtel Internet In Android/iPhone/Windows?

By following these steps you can easily increase Airtel speed 4G in 2024:

  1. Open mobile settings application.
  2. Click on mobile network  settings.
  3. Select Airtel sim card.
  4. Click on “Access Point Name”
  5. Click on + symbol to add a new APN.
  6. Fill in the details and click on the save button.

Following the steps mentioned above here anyone can easily boost their Airtel 4G internet speed in Android/IOS/Windows mobile phone.

Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed By Customer Care

To increase data speed in Airtel through customer care services just dial 121 and tell the executive to send new GPRS settings. Once you receive the updating settings click on the install button and it will automatically increase Airtel internet speed.

Which APN Is Best For Airtel 4G?

The best APN for Airtel 4G is You will have to fill in your APN section while updating your network settings of your Airtel number. Other details are Server:, MCC: 404, MNC: 10, and MNC: 10.

How Can I Boost My Airtel Signal?

To boost your AIrtel signal you can do various solutions such as:

  • Use a Wi-Fi repeater to boost the Wi-Fi signal.
  • Ensure your WiFi password is secured & not shared.
  • Place your Wi-Fi router in a good place.
  • Buy a faster Airtel 4G internet plan.
  • Start using Airtel Xstream as your broadband connection.

You can try to apply these solutions to increase Airtel 4G internet speed in 2024. However, if you have done everythings then get connected with customer support for further help. They will send a broadband operator to configure or help you out with slow Airtel 4G slow speed.

What To Do If My Airtel 4G Speed Is Very Slow?

You can update data settings for your Airtel number or install new GPRS settings to increase network speed in Airtel. Though if you are not able to get new GPRS settings then call on 121 Airtel customer support to get the latest GPRS installation file. Once the customer executive provides you with settings then simply click on the install option to speed up airtel 4g internet in 2024.

Is Airtel 4G Faster Than Jio?

No, Jio is much faster than the Airtel internet due to its new 5G internet connection plan. The Jio internet speed goes up to 1085 mbps whereas Airtel only provides 856 mbps.So as a clear conclusion the Jio internet is faster than the Airtel internet speed.

How To Increase Internet Speed In Airtel Android?

To increase Airtel 4G internet speed in Android go to settings > mobile network settings > select Airtel sim > Access Point Name > add new APN > save settings. You can copy & paste the settings we have provided above here in the post to speed up Airtel 4G internet speed.

How Can I Speed Up Airtel Internet?

You can try some solutions to speed your Airtel internet connection such as inserting sim in slot 1, updating APN settings, and installing new GPRS settings.

If you are using an Airtel broadband then you can also change its internet settings to boost Airtel internet.

How To Increase Airtel 4G Internet Speed of Hotspot?

By increasing the Airtel internet speed you can also increase the Airtel hotspot network speed easily. You just have to update internet settings then you will be able to get fast internet on Airtel hotspot connection as well.

How To Increase Airtel Internet Speed In IOS?

To configure internet settings Airtel on IOS go to settings > cellular data > cellular data network > APN settings.

How To Get Airtel Internet Settings By SMS?

To get updated settings via SMS type ‘MO‘ and send it to 54321. After sending the SMS you will receive new GPRS settings on your mobile phone to install & increase data speed in Airtel.

What Is The Best Way To Speed Up Airtel 4G Internet?

Updating the access point name settings of Airtel sim is the best way to make your Airtel internet speed faster. However, you can also call customer care to increase network settings Airtel if you already have updated data settings on your mobile.

Below here we have mentioned different carrier companies internet settings by which you can increase your internet settings.

We hope these settings will provide you best internet connection on your mobile phone.

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