Airtel 2GB Coupon Code Free – How To Get Free 2GB Data In Airtel?

Airtel is one of the strongest telecom communication companies all over the globe having millions of users. It’s been providing services for many years and always comes with the latest data plans for its users. This time they have provided the latest Airtel 2GB coupon code free by which users can easily get free internet on their mobile. This coupon code can be used by any Airtel user and can be acquired from packets of Pepsico chips, Lays, Doritos, Uncle chips, & Kurkure too.

How Can I Get 2 GB Data On Airtel For Free?

Get 2 GB Data On Airtel For Free

While recharging their Airtel number with the Airtel Thanks app users can get a free 2GB data coupon. Airtel users can get a free 2GB Airtel free data code with plans: Rs 265, Rs 359, Rs 549, Rs 699, Rs 719, and Rs 839.

Users can even wait for any limited period offered by Airtel company where they offer free data plans printed on snack items.

How To Get Free Airtel Data Coupon Code?

To get Airtel 2GB coupon code free you can dial the customer care number and ask for the latest Airtel free data code. You can also recharge your Airtel sim number with a specific amount to get free 2GB of data.

However, the company provides free 2GB internet if you recharge your already active Airtel sim card using Airtel Thanks App. You will not get charged any amount for this free data but you need to use Airtel Thanks mobile wallet app to recharge your prepaid connection.

How Can I Claim Free GB In Airtel?

To claim your free 2Gb data you can dial the Airtel 2GB coupon code free 125346. If this code does not work on your mobile then you can also dial USSD code 52122 from your mobile to get free 2GB Airtel data. Usually, this free Airtel data coupon code works for every user but if it does not then you should connect with one of the customer care executives & ask for a new Airtel coupon code free data.

Where To Get Airtel Free Data Coupon Code?

You can get a free Airtel data coupon code from the packet of Kurkure, Doritos, Pepsico chips, & Uncle Chips packets. The Airtel coupon code free data is printed on the back side of the product packets we have mentioned before. You can simply buy any of the products and get the USSD code to get free 2GB Airtel data.

What Is Free Airtel Data Coupon Code?

The Airtel data coupon code today is 5999555 by which you can easily claim your Airtel free 2GB data. With the help of this unique code, you will be able to avail of 1GB, 2GB, 10GB, and 28GB internet for an Airtel sim number. However, if your sim has no active Internet plan then you should use the Airtel Thanks app first before using Airtel 2GB coupon code free.

Is There Any Airtel 5GB Free Data Code?

No, there is no free Airtel data coupon code to get 5GB of internet for free. But you can use some tricks to get 5GB of free Airtel internet like using Airtel Thanks App, recharging your sim with a special amount, and many more.

Airtel Free Data Codes List 2024

There are so many unique coupon codes for Airtel free data you can check in this table:

Pack DetailsCodeData
Airtel Free 10GB DataDial – 599955510 GB
Free Data in Airtel For 3 DaysDownload the Airtel XStream App1 GB
Airtel Free Data Coupon CodeRecharge with 598 Plan6 GB
Free Airtel Internet Data OfferInstall My Airtel App, Wynk movie, music1.2 GB
Airtel 2GB coupon code freeCall 511112 GB
Free Airtel Net PackCall 5111130 GB
Airtel Free Data Code 2024 for Postpaid Airtel UsersMessage SURPRISE to 12160 GB
Airtel Free Data CodeDial – 521222 GB
Airtel Data Loan 4G 2024*141*567#3G/4G Data Loan
Airtel Free Data OfferDial – 12534628 GB
4G Airtel Free InternetDownload My Airtel App500 MB

Overview of The Airtel 2GB Coupon Code And Its Popularity

Airtel 2GB coupon is so popular among Airtel users as it can be acquired from the back side of food item packets. With this Airtel free data code users easily get 2GB of internet on their mobile without paying any money.

But at the current time, there is zero chance that you will get any Airtel 2GB coupon code free for your number. So it will be better if you recharge your mobile number with the Airtel Thanks app wallet so that you will get free data. This Airtel data offer is so popular because of its free data scheme so it can get discontinued anytime due to overuse.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Obtain The Coupon Code

Below here you can get the steps to use the Airtel data coupon code:

  • Install the Airtel Thanks app on your mobile.
  • Select mobile & enter your phone number to recharge.
  • Browse from the list of all available plans.
  • Enter the desired plan amount and click on the “Pay Now” button.
  • But you need to use the Airtel Thanks wallet recharge app to get free data.

Can The Airtel Coupon Code Free Data Be Used Multiple Times?

No, users can use the Airtel 2GB coupon code free only once to get free data for their sim number. Once the code is used it cannot be used again to redeem the free data for any other Airtel sim number.

What Happens If I Use The Free Airtel Data Coupon Code After It Has Expired?

If the Airtel data code 2024 has expired then it cannot be used to avail free data for the Airtel sim number. However, you can call & ask for another Airtel data coupon code from customer care by providing the details of your expired coupon code.

How To Get Airtel 2gb Free Data Coupon Code?

There are various ways to get your 2gb free data coupon code Airtel:

  • Check the Airtel thanks app.
  • Participate in surveys or quizzes on the Airtel Thanks app.
  • Follow Airtel on social media like Facebook and Twitter for these special offers.
  • Use 3rd party apps like Fonetalk, mCent, and MyAirtel which have tie-ups with Airtel to provide free data coupons.
  • Keep a lookout on deals websites like Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart etc.

What Is Lays Coupon Code Airtel Today?

To get today’s Airtel free data coupon code you need to buy a pack of Lays chips and search for the code printed behind the packet.

Is There Any Airtel Data Coupon Code Generator?

No, there is no generator that can create a free data coupon for Airtel sim numbers. You need to get it by recharging your number with the Airtel Thanks mobile wallet app.

What Is Airtel Coupon Code 2gb?

The Airtel coupon code 2GB is 125346 and 52122 that you can dial from your Airtel number to get your free data balance.

Is 2gb Data Coupon Code Airtel Really Available?

According to our reseach the 2gb data coupon code for Airtel users get available for only specific period of time. You may not be able to get it as there are so many users always try to aquire it.

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