Why Airtel 5G Internet Is Not Working in 2024?

Have you upgraded your Airtel SIM card to 5G network, but still you are unable to get the fastest speed connection?

It might very frustrating, If Airtel 5G Internet Is Not Working on your smartphone.

So, to get rid of this problem, you have to follow our guidance.

Is Airtel 5G Available Now in 2024?

Yes, Airtel 5G internet is available now in more than 60 Indian cities. Users can enjoy super fast 5G Airtel connection with 5G compatible smartphones.

If in case you don’t have a 5G enabled smartphone, then you are unable to enjoy this 5G internet service.

But in some cases, users have 5G smartphones but are still unable to connect with 5G Airtel Internet connection.

To do so, must check you in good coverage to Airtel connection.

Airtel Network

Bharti Airtel Ltd., also known as Airtel, is a worldwide provider of telecom services in India with its headquarters in New Delhi, India. Airtel provides talk time services, fixed-line internet, 2G, 4G LTE, 4G, and 5G mobile services depending on the region. It is India’s biggest mobile network operator as well as the second-largest mobile network provider worldwide.

Reasons Behind Why Am I Not Getting 5G On Airtel?

You might not be receiving 5G Airtel Internet due to a few reasons:

  • It’s possible that your smartphone isn’t 5G compatible
  • You might not have access to 5G yet or have not upgraded
  • You are not in 5G Airtel Internet coverage area
  • You might be using 4G Airtel SIM
  • Enable 5G through phone settings

How Can I Activate Airtel 5G?

To enable Airtel 5G Internet, Follow the below steps:

  • Upgrade your Airtel plan to 5G plan.
  • Make sure that 5G is enabled in the network settings of your smartphone.
  • If you are still having trouble using 5G, get in touch with Airtel customer service.

Note: Make sure you live in a region where Airtel 5G is accessible and your device must be 5G compatible.

Why Is Airtel 5G Data Not Working?

If Airtel 5G data is not working, there could be various causes, including incompatibility with certain devices, poor coverage, an unsupported plan, technical issues, or wrong network settings.

How to Fix Airtel 5G Internet Not Working?

You can try the following steps to fix Airtel 5G Internet not working issue:

  • Verify your phone is compatible with 5G network.
  • You should have valid 5G Airtel data plan.
  • Check you should have good Airtel 5G service coverage in your area.
  • Restart or Reset network settings.
  • Modify Airtel APN 5G Settings
  • If the problem continues, get in touch with the Airtel customer service support center.

How to Report “Airtel 5G Internet Not Working” Issue?

If the Airtel network is running slowly in your area, go to the network map under the “My Network” option, put a pin in the correct spot, and report the issue. You can get assistance for “Airtel 5G net not working” by contacting Airtel customer service, who will be happy to provide a solution for you.

Is Airtel 5G Network Down Today?

No, Airtel 5G Network is not down today. If you are facing a slow network issue, then try to reset the network setting or turn off/on Airplane mode to refresh Airtel 5G network.

How Can I Contact Customer Support Concerning the Airtel 5G Network Not Working Issue?

If Airtel 5G internet is continuously not working for you, call the 121 Airtel customer service number and explain the situation for a resolution.

Why Does My Airtel 5G Internet Stop Working and Disconnect?

If your Airtel 5G internet stops working and disconnects, it could be due to several factors.

  • Poor 5G Network Coverage – Poor 5G network coverage or signal strength in your area may be one frequent cause. Your internet connection may be disrupted and disconnected. Determine whether 5G service is offered in the area you live in. Additionally, confirm that your device is 5G compatible because some older devices could have issues with the new network Airtel 5G technology.
  • Technical Issues – Airtel 5G internet disruptions and disconnections can also be caused by technical problems with your device or the Airtel network. These problems may be resolved by restarting your device and looking for software updates. Contact Airtel customer service for additional help if the issue continues.
  • Upgrade to 5G Airtel Plan – You have an active Airtel 5G plan to take benefits using of 5G net. Make sure you have enough data usage limits for your online requirements. Your Airtel 5G internet may become sluggish or slow in functioning if there is an insufficient data usage limit. So it is advised to take the best Airtel 5G plan.
  • Network Congestion – Last but not least, network congestion or high traffic can also result in Airtel 5G internet not working properly. To reduce this problem, avoid using your Airtel 5G Internet connection during times of heavy network congestion.

Future of Airtel 5G in India

In addition, Airtel has made significant investments in its 5G infrastructure through collaborations with various companies.

Overall, with Airtel and other telecom providers working to create and deploy 5G technology across the nation, the future of Airtel 5G in India appears bright. As 5G technology develops and becomes more widely available, it has the potential to revolutionize a number of industries and how we interact, work, and live.

Why Is My 5G Speed So Slow?

There are a number of reasons why your 5G speed may be slow, including poor network coverage, traffic, incompatibility problems with certain devices, out-of-date software or firmware, and plan restrictions.

Moving to a better coverage location, updating the software, and contacting your service provider for assistance are all possible troubleshooting techniques.

Moreover, it is highly recommendable, to Restart the device if the Airtel 5G internet goes down or if the 5G internet stops working.

After reading this entire article, I hope you will be able to find answers to all of your questions about the unreliable Airtel Internet. Please share your thoughts and experiences so that others can get the correct information.

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