Tesco Mobile APN Settings 2024 – 4G/5G Internet Settings

Hello, internet speed lovers. If you are here then you must be finding a way to increase your Tesco mobile internet speed. If I am right then let’s just talk about the Tesco mobile APN settings which is the best way to get faster internet speed. Changing your access point name settings can surely boost Tesco’s mobile internet speed by 40%. So without taking much time in the introduction let’s jump to our Tesco mobile 4G APN settings.

What Are The Tesco Mobile APN Settings For Android?

If you want to update Tesco mobile APN on an Android device, just go to settings > mobile internet settings > access point name > add new APN. Now copy and paste the below-mentioned details into your new Tesco mobile internet settings.

  • Name: tesco mobile
  • APN: prepay.tesco-mobile.com
  • Proxy: <Not set>
  • Port: <Not set>
  • Username: tesco
  • Password: online
  • Server: <Not set>
  • MMSC: http://mms.tesco-mobile.com/servlets/mms
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 8080
  • MCC: 234
  • MNC: 10
  • Authentication type: PAP
  • APN type: default,supl,mms

Copy each and every detail in the given sections and leave the section empty in which we have written <Not set>. After filling in the detail on your smartphone just restart it to reset your internet configurations. Now your mobile will adapt to the new Tesco Mobile APN settings and you will experience faster internet speed.

Why My APN Settings Are Not Working on Tesco Mobile?

If your Tesco Mobile APN details are not working then you must check if you have an active internet plan or not. If you have an active plan then you must check if you haven’t passed any spelling wrong while updating to the new Tesco Mobile APN configurations.

However, even after having an internet plan and correct APN settings your internet is not working then you must connect with Tesco customer service. They will help you with your no internet connection and other queries too.

What Is Tesco Mobile APN Settings For iPhone?

To update Tesco APN settings on your iPhone navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network and click on add new APN option. Now fill in the details as mentioned here

Tesco Mobile Cellular Data Settings

  • APN: tesco mobile
  • Username: tesco
  • Password: online

Tesco Mobile LTE Settings

  • APN: tesco mobile
  • Username: tesco
  • Password: online

Tesco MMS Settings For iPhone

Once you get done with filling in the cellular data & LTE details on your iPhone start filling in the details in your MMS section.

  • APN: mms.tesco-mobile.com
  • Username: tesco
  • Password: online
  • MMSC: http://mmsc.tesco-mobile.com
  • MMS Max Message Size: 614400
  • MCC: 234
  • MNC: 10
  • APN Type: Default,MMS,SUPL

The MMS settings are the most important part of APN settings on iPhone, fill it carefully without missing any spellings or details.

Why Should I Update Tesco Mobile APN Settings?

Updating to the latest APN for Tesco mobile you can easily get a fast internet connection on your mobile. You will experience a smoother and faster internet speed while surfing on the internet. Updated APN configuration will also let you experience better quality voice calling and no network interruption during any call. So you must update to the latest Tesco mobile APN details to get all the benefits.

What If I Wrong Tesco Mobile APN?

If you have entered the wrong Tesco Mobile APN settings on your mobile then correct it as soon as possible. The wrong APN can lead to no internet connection and extra charges as well. Some of the network-providing companies also impose fines on users for using the wrong APN settings to configure mobile networks. Because APN settings allow your phone to access data services like the internet through your mobile carrier network. So it gets so important to have the correct APN for the right connections.

Can I Get Tesco Mobile APN Settings Via Customer Care?

Yes, you can easily get the APN settings for your Tesco mobile through customer care. Just call the number +44 345 301 4455 and tell the executive to provide you with the latest APN configuration for your smartphone. They will provide you with the latest settings according to your smartphone version and configurations. 

Is There Any Code To Get An APN For Tesco Through MMS?

No, there is no code to get Tesco APN settings via MMS. The APN settings are carrier-specific and need to be configured manually on your phone.

Will Updating To The Latest Tesco APN Improve My Net Speed?

Yes, updating your Tesco internet settings to their latest version may help you to increase internet speed but not guaranteed as it depends on your area, weather, and internet plan.

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