Airtalk Wireless APN Settings 2024 [4G & 5G Speed Internet]

Discover how to configure Airtalk Wireless APN settings on your device for smooth internet connectivity.

Learn about the essential Airtalk APN settings, troubleshooting tips, and frequently asked questions for a hassle-free experience.

Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or other devices, configuring the correct Airtalk Wireless APN settings is essential for the best performance. 

Why Do We Need Airtalk Wireless APN Settings?

Your Airtalk Wireless phone needs the right APN settings to access the internet at high speed. Without the best Airtalk APN settings 2024, your phone might isn’t able to connect with the fast internet servers.

AirTalk Wireless APN Settings for Android Devices

Follow these simple steps to configure Airtalk Wireless APN settings on your Android device:

  • Open your AirTalk Wireless device’s “Settings” app
  • Scroll down and select “Network & Internet”
  • Tap on “Mobile network”
  • Select “Advanced”
  • Then “Access Point Names” or AirTalk Wireless “APN”
  • Tap on the “+” symbol to add a new AirTalk Wireless APN Settings
  • Fill in the following details for the new APN:
  • Name: Airtalk Wireless
  • APN:
  • MMSC:
  • MMS Proxy:
  • MMS Port: 80
  • MCC: 310
  • MNC: 260
  • Authentication Type: Not set or None
  • APN Type: default,supl,mms

Leave all other fields blank or as they are.

  • Save the AirTalk Wireless APN settings
  • Select the newly created APN from the list
  • Restart your device to apply the changes
AirTalk Wireless AirTalk Wireless APN Settings
NameAirtalk Wireless
ProxyNot set
PortNot set
UsernameNot set
PasswordNot set
ServerNot set
MMS port80
Authentication TypeNone
APN Typedefault,mms,supl

Without the correct AirTalk Wireless APN settings, you might face issues such as slow browsing, unable to send multimedia messages (MMS), and restricted access to certain online services.

So, enter the APN settings of AirTalk Wireless carefully, don’t add additional spaces or skip the option if it is blank.

Now, let’s discuss with the APN for Airtalk Wireless iPhone,

Airtalk Wireless APN Settings for iPhone: Configuration Guide

  • Open iPhone Settings
  • Cellular or Mobile Data: Scroll down and tap on “Cellular”
  • Navigate to Cellular Data Options
  • Cellular Data Network: Under “Cellular Data Options,” you’ll find “Cellular Data Network.” Tap on it to access APN settings.
  • Enter APN Details: Fill in the following details for the new APN configuration:
    • APN:
    • Username: (Leave blank)
    • Password: (Leave blank)
  • MMS Settings: Scroll down and find the “MMS” section. Enter the following MMS details:APN:
    • Username: (Leave blank)
    • Password: (Leave blank)
    • MMSC:
    • MMS Proxy:
    • MMS Max Message Size: (Leave blank)
    • MMS UA Prof URL: (Leave blank)
  • Save Changes: Once you’ve entered the details, tap the “Back” button to save the changes.
  • Restart Device: To ensure the changes take effect, restart your iPhone.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully configured Airtalk Wireless APN settings 2024 on your iPhone for fast internet connectivity. Now enjoy a smooth browsing and messaging experience on your iPhone.

Troubleshooting with AirTalk Wireless APN Settings:

After entering  AirTalk Wireless APN Settings, you are unable to get the fastest internet speed. Then we suggest you follow these Troubleshooting tips. Entering the settings, you might want to attempt the following troubleshooting steps if you’re still unable to send MMS or connect to the internet:

  • Restart you smartphone
  • Turn ON and OFF Aeroplane mode
  • Make sure your AirTalk Wireless data plan is activated
  • Make sure your device has mobile data enabled
  • Contact AirTalk Wireless customer support

Hope this will help you to connect with a fast AirTalk Wireless network and be able to send MMS.

How Do I Access Airtalk Wireless APN Settings On iPhone?

To access Airtalk Wireless APN settings on an iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network. Here, you can enter the Airtalk Wireless APN details (as shown in the table above).

What If I Don’t See The Option To Add New Airtalk Wireless APN Details?

If you don’t see the option to enter Airtalk Wireless APN 2024 details, then it might be possible that you are restricted by your carrier. In this case, you need to unlock your phone through the Airtalk Wireless customer support team.

Can I Use The Same Airtalk APN Settings For Different Devices?

Yes, you can use the same Airtalk APN settings for multiple devices. But not every time works for everyone. So it is highly suggested to contact with Airtalk customer support if you face any network issues in the long term.

What Should I Do If Airtalk Wireless MMS Still Doesn’t Work After Configuring APN Settings?

Check the all Airtalk Wireless APN details 2024, that you enter correctly without any mistakes. If still MMS does not work, then simply contact Airtalk Wireless support to verify if there are any specific MMS-related restrictions or configurations needed. Their support team will guide you further on this situation.

Is It Possible To Reset APN Settings To Default?

Yes, If you are not satisfied with the provided Airtalk Wireless internet speed, then you might reset Airtalk APN to default. By navigating to Open device settings, go to network/mobile network settings, access point names, and reset to default.

However, make sure to note down your current settings before proceeding.

Configuration of Airtalk Wireless APN settings is essential for enjoying uninterrupted internet connectivity. Hope you enjoyed this post and find it informative.

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