Singtel APN Settings 2024 – Make Internet Speed Faster

Many Singtel users have been suffering from slow-speed internet or no internet. You may quickly and successfully modify the Singtel APN settings if you are unhappy with your 4G Singtel speed. Here are some tips for boosting 4G/5G internet speed on any smartphone device.

With the Singtel 5G APN Settings, you may access Singtel’s faster internet connection quickly and easily.

Whether you use an iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone, you may enhance your internet speed by making a few straightforward adjustments to your Singtel APN settings.

What is Singtel APN?

APN stands for Access Point Name. The Singtel APN (Access Point Name) is the name of the gateway between GSM, GPRS, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile networks.

Singtel APN must be configured for any smartphone device to receive an excellent internet connection with the Singtel carrier.

Why Required Singtel APN Settings For SmartPhone?

Singtel is a well-known telecom operator with millions of users. Since Singtel is famed for offering lightning-fast Internet access. However, if the number of users on the server increased quickly, you could encounter slower internet.

Therefore, in order to increase your Singtel internet speed. We are going to provide the Singtel APN Settings in this section. All of the Singtel APN settings that we have offered here for Singtel 3G, 4G, and 5G internet have been thoroughly tested.

Singtel 4G LTE/5G APN Settings for Android 2024

You may speed up your Android Singtel internet connection by using this Singtel APN setting.

Follow the steps below to configure your Android Singtel APN settings for fast internet.

To change the Singtel APN for fast internet on an Android phone with a Singtel SIM, navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point.

Singtel APN NameSingtel APN Internet Settings
 Apn(leave blank)
 Proxy not set
 Port not set
 Username not set
 Password not set
 Server not set
 MMS proxy165.21.42.84:8080
 MMS port 8080
MCC 525
MNC 01
Authentication Typenot set
Apn type default,supl,mms
Apn protocol Ipv4
Apn roaming type Ipv4
 Enable/disable apn APN enabled
 Bearer Unspecified
 MVNO type none
 MVNO value not set

After completing Singtel APN settings changes, you must restart your Android phone. Without any worrying, you will enjoy Singtel’s fastest 4G/5G internet speed.

You may also reset Singtel’s APN settings if you found something error.

Singtel APN Settings For iPhone IOS For 4G/5G Internet Speed

On a Singtel SIM iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network to modify or update Singtel APN settings.

You just need to configure the Singtel APN 2024 as displayed in the table below to experience the fastest Singtel internet speed.

Singtel Cellular Data:

Singtel Cellular APN NameSingtel Cellular Settings

Singtel LTE Setup (Optional):

Singtel LTE APN NameSingtel LTE APN Settings

Singtel MMS Data:

Singtel MMS APN NameSingtel MMS APN Settings
MMS Proxy165.21.42.84:8080
MMS Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLblank

After doing some modifications of the Singtel setting on iPhone, we highly recommend to restart your iPhone. This will help you to enjoy the fastest Singtel 4G/5G internet speed. 

Singtel 3G/4G/5G APN Settings For Windows Smartphones

Windows smartphone users, have also faced slow internet connectivity. For those users, we have bring up the best Singtel APN setting code to boost up the connections.

To change Singtel APN in windows phone, open Windows Settings APP > Select Network Connection > Choose Singtel SIM > Click on Mobile Network.

Now, you just have to enter the correct APN Singtel details to configure it.

Singtel APN Settings For WindowsSingtel APN Details
NameSingtel Internet 4G
APNSingtel Net Speed
Type Of Sign-In InfoPAP
IP TypeIPv4/IPv6

How to Increase Singtel Internet Speed in 2024?

Quickly changing the Singtel APN settings, you can able to improve your internet connection speed. Setting up Singtel APN 2024 is the simplest and quickest method to boost your Singtel internet speed.

How Do I Configure Best Singtel APN Settings 2024 for 4G & 5G Internet?

To set up Singtel APN setting, navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. Tap on the Singtel APN setting and enter the correct details.

Does Modifying APN Singtel Internet Settings WiIl Increase Network Speed?

Definitely Yes, If you fill Singtel APN with the correct details in the appropriate field then you will able to get the fastest Singtel speed than before.

Why Do I Need To Change Singtel APN Settings 2024?

If your Singtel phone is not able to be connected to the internet or provides a very slow speed connection, then you are required to change your Singtel APN settings.

I Hope by entering the above fastest Singtel APN Settings 2024, you are able to boost your Singtel Internet speed.

If you don’t have any technical knowledge of how APN setting works properly, we do not advise changing Singtel APN. For more options, you should visit an official Singtel store or get in touch with online Singtel assistance.

Get Singtel APN Settings Through Customer Care Support

Singtel users can get valid Singtel APN setting for 4G net speed by directly contacting to their technical support by calling 1688 number.

Before reaching out to the Singtel customer care support make sure you have enter Singtel APN setting correctly without any spelling mistakes & with no extra space.

Without proper Singtel settings configuration, you will not be able to access the internet service.

How Do I Set Up Singtel APN 4G Settings?

To set up Singtel APN 4G internet settings, just navigate to the device’s settings and select “Mobile Network” or “Cellular Network.” Tap on “Access Point Names,” then click on “Add New Singtel APN.

In the “Name” field, enter “Singtel,” and in the APN field, type “e-ideas.” Leave all other fields blank specifically instructed by Singtel customer service representatives or enter the Singtel APN details from the above table.

Note: You should first ensure that your mobile device is compatible with the Singtel network

Similarly, for these APN settings, you might also set up APN configuration for other SIM smartphones.

I Hope, after modifying APN settings you are able to boost your internet speed.

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