Mts APN Settings 2024 [MTS Fast Internet APN 4G/5G Speed]

MTS Canada is one of the most popular cell phone providers among subscribers. Follow the instructions to learn how to set up MTS 4G/5G internet with the most recent MTS APN settings, so you may browse at a faster internet speed.

Why It Is So Important To Configure MTS Canada APN For 4G/5G Speed?

Whether you have restored your cell phone to factory settings or just inserted a new MTS SIM card in your smartphone. It is necessary to have an MTS APN to access the fast Internet speed every day.

MTS APN Settings 4G/5G for Android 2024

The majority of MTS Canada subscribers use Android devices. No matter what type or modal of smartphone you have, you may able to configure MTS APN settings for 4G and 5G internet speed connection.

Follow the given steps to successfully set up MTS APN 2024 details on your smartphone.

  • Go to Phone Setting Option
  • Choose the Connections
  • Visit Mobile Networks and log in
  • Enter the access point names
  • Choose “Add”
  • Fill out the MTS Canada APN with the help of the information in the table below
APN MTS CanadaData to fill in
Name:MTS Internet 5G
Proxy:No definido/Campo vacío
Port:No definido/Campo vacío
Username:No definido/Campo vacío
Password:No definido/Campo vacío
Server:No definido/Campo vacío
MMS Port:9401
Type of authentication:PAP
APN type:default
APN protocol:IPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocol:IPv4/IPv6

Now Click save to successfully save your MTS APN settings. Restart your device to start using new applied MTS APN configuration.

How Do I Know That MTS APN Is Entered Accurate?

If you followed the instructions exactly, there shouldn’t be any issues, but if you want to make sure, open a browser window and visit any website to check your connection to the MTS internet network.

Although you might also check for the MTS internet speed from various online speed testing sites

If you still have low MTS internet connectivity then try to change or reset MTS APN to default.

Immediately contact MTS customer care to get in touch with their support team to solve any other problem related to MTS internet connection.

MTS APN Settings 4G/5G for iPhone 2024

Similar to Android, configuring the MTS APN on an iPhone takes no more than three minutes. Follow the directions and carry it out on your own in a simple and thorough manner:

  • First, open Settings
  • Pick Mobile Data from the options
  • Select Cellular Data Network at this point
  • Enter the MTS APN data in all fields
APN MTS CanadaData to be filled in IOS
Access point:sp.mts
Username:Not defined/Empty field
Password:Not defined/Empty field

In order to save the new MTS APN profile and return to the main page. Restart your iPhone device you may start using most fastest MTS APN setting.

MTS Internet/MMS 4G/5G LTE APN Settings for Windows

For MTS Windows mobile users, you have to set up these MTS 2024 APN settings in order to boost up MTS internet speed.

Select Settings Network & Wireless Cellular & SIM from the App List. Select your SIM card in Cellular and then click Properties.

Select “Internet APN” Introduce an Internet APN

  • Profile name: Internet/MMS 2
  • APN: sp.mts
  • User name:
  • Password:
  • Type of sign-in info:
  • IP type: IPv4

Enable Use this APN for LTE and replace the one from my mobile operatorProxy server (URL):
Proxy port:

Tap Save

  • In Cellular, select your SIM card
  • Select Properties
  • Under MMS APN select Add an MMS APN
  • Profile name: Internet/MMS 2
  • APN: sp.mts
  • User name:
  • Password:
  • Type of sign-in info:
  • IP Type: IPv4
  • Proxy server:
  • Proxy port: 9401
  • MMSC (URL):
  • MMSC port:
  • Maximum MMS size (KB): 2048

Restart your device in order to take effect of new MTS APN settings for 4G/5G speed.

If you face any issue in the MTS network, then you might reset MTS APN to the default setting.

What Are The Correct MTS APN Settings?

There are a few steps you need to take in order to make sure your device is setup with the correct MTS APN settings. First, make sure that your connection is 4G/LTE rather than 3G. Depending on this setting, different MTS APN configurations will apply. You may set up MTS APN Settings as, sp.mts .

Can I Use MTS Internet Without Setting up APN Settings?

MTS provides its users with specific APN settings that enable them to access their network resources. These settings include specifics like the network name, username, password, and other important data needed for stable connectivity. You won’t be able to use MTS internet services if these settings are configured properly on your device.
Therefore, if you wish to enjoy seamless connectivity on your mobile device using MTS internet services, it’s crucial to configure your MTS APN settings correctly.

What Should I Do If My Device Doesn’t Connect to The Internet Even After Setting Up The Correct MTS APN Settings?

If your device doesn’t connect to the internet even after setting up the correct MTS APN settings, there could be a few reasons.

Firstly, it’s important to check that you’ve entered the correct APN settings for MTS.

Double-check the entered MTS information and click to save. It is highly recommended to restart your device (Android or iPhone). Restarting the device allows to successfully apply the new MTS APN changes.

This will refresh your MTS connection and may solve any issues. Hope this will fix the issue of MTS network not working.

Alternatively, Another solution to get fast MTS internet speed is to, get in touch with MTS’s service center nearby to you. This can be done by visiting their website or contacting their customer support team for more information.

Their support team member provides you with a solution and fixes the MTS network not working issue.

If you are in search for other SIM APN settings then check out from the below guide:

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