This Number Does Not Exist – What Does It Mean in 2024?

Dialing a number to call someone, but received an error message that the number does not exist?

It can be frustrating and confusing, especially when you know that the number is correctly entered & dialed to person.

So, in this blog post, we’ll explore why you might receive this “Number Does Not Exist” message and what steps you can take to fix this issue.

What Does It Mean “The Number Does Not Exist?”

This “The Number Does Not Exist” error message means that the number you have dialed is incorrect or no longer in service.

However, there can be other reasons why you may receive this message. Continue reading below to know more about this issue.

How Do You Know If A Phone Number Doesn’t Exist?

Method To Know Phone Number Don't Exist

There are some simple ways to determine that phone number is valid or the dialed Phone Number Doesn’t Exist.

Firstly, check for any mistyped number in the dialed phone number. One wrong digit can lead to an “invalid” response from your phone carrier.

Please be sure that you have entered all the number correctly.

Another way to check if a phone number exists is by doing search of apps likeTruecaller. 

You can search that phone number in the Truecaller. The App will showcase the person’s name if the number exists in reality.

If in any case, on every dailed number you received the same message that the dialed number does not exist then quickly contact your internet service provider (ISP). They will help you out from this difficulty. 

Additionally, make sure you’re dialing from an area with proper network coverage because poor signal strength could cause connection issues. Which is unable to connect the dialed number and provide you a message that this number does not exist.

Sometimes, you might see your device having full bars but showing No Internet. In that case too, follow these simple steps.

Common Reasons for “The Number Does Not Exist” Error Message

  • Incorrect Phone Number: The most common reason for this “Number Does Not Exist” message is due to dialing incorrect phone number. Double-check the number and make sure you have dialed it correctly.
  • Phone Number No Longer in Service: “The Number Does Not Exist” issue arise if the phone number no longer is in service. Means, the number services by ISP has been discontinued.
  • Network Error: Dialing a number from no good network coverage area may lead to receive message that the number does not exist or unreachable.
  • Technical Error: In some cases, technical issues with the phone carrier or mobile service provider may result in the message “the number does not exist.” In that cae you may contact to the service provide to get it fixed.
  • Dialed the incorrect country code: If you are in contact with a person outside the country, make sure you have dialed the correct code before it.

What to Do When You Get This Number Does Not Exist Error Message

If you receive an error message that saying “the number does not exist,” here are some steps you can follow to fix this issue:

  • Double-check the dialed number to ensure you dialed it correctly.
  • Try again dailing number after some time. A network or technical error may be causing the issue, so waiting and trying again later may fix the Number Does Not Exist error message problem.
  • Use a different phone, Try calling from a different phone to ensure the issue is not with your device.
  • Contact the mobile service provider.  If you are still having problems reaching the person. Then contact your ISP, Contacting your Internet service provider (ISP) for assistance may help you resolve the issue & provide the main cause for this.

Why Does Vodafone Not Recognise My Number?

If you are a Vodafone subscriber, this might have happened more often than you would like.

One of the reasons why Vodafone may not recognise your number is due to the SIM Card services has been stopped.

This can occur if your account has been suspended for inactivity and you haven’t used your phone in a while. Reactivating your account by contacting customer support should resolve the situation in such circumstances.

Another possibility is that there might be problems with network coverage in your area. Poor signal strength can result in calls and messages failing to go through, resulting in an error message indicating that the number does not exist.

Even when I entered the correct number, the message “Sorry This Number Does Not Exist” still appears. What Should I Do in That Situation?

There could be a network issue with the carrier, which is more likely to occur when you’re traveling.

If you receive the same error message continuously from such a long time, then you should have to quickly call your  service provider to know the exact cause for the why i received this error message that number does not exist.

What Does It Mean When You Text Someone But Their Phone Number Isn’t Valid?

Recheck your number in that situation. It’s possible that you entered incorrect number or that the telecom service provide has been terminated or stop services for that number.

Why Does A Phone Number Not Ringing?

Phone may not ring when you get a call for a number of reasons, including: The volume has been turned down. Your phone is in Do Not Disturb or in Aeroplane mode.

It can also be possible that you have enabled the call forwarding option.


You could get this Number Does Not Exist warning for a number of different reasons, such as network or technical troubles. Check the number again, try again later or try using a different phone if you see this message to troubleshoot the problem.

Checking for mistype and searching on truecaller app are great steps to determining whether a phone number exists or not.

If all else fails, reach out directly to your service provider for help resolving connectivity issues with this particular number.

For Vodafone Users: Vodafone Internet Settings Code

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