Rok Mobile APN Settings 2024 [Fast Internet 4G & 5G Speed]

Rok Mobile APN Settings 2024 is necessary in order to get fast internet access with 4G and 5G speeds.

It is important to configure your Rok Mobile device with the correct Access Point Name (Rok Mobile APN) settings.

With Rok Mobile’s APN settings 2024, users can enjoy faster download and upload speeds as well as improved streaming and browsing performance.

So, without wasting time anymore, lets start with how to setup latest and fastest Rok Mobile APN setting in 2024 for any smartphone.

Rok Mobile APN Settings for Android SmartPhone 2024

The Rok Mobile APN Settings for Android SmartPhone 2024 provides users with the necessary information to configure their device’s mobile data connection.

Enter the below-following details in order to get fastest Rok Mobile Internet access.

ROK Mobile 4G/5G APN SettingsROK Mobile Internet Settings
NameROK Mobile
MMS ProxyN/A
APN Typedefault, mms, supl, admin
APN ProtocolIPv4/ IPv6
APN Roaming ProtocolIPv4
Authentication TypeLeave It Blank

How To Setup Rok Mobile APN Setting for Android Mobile?

Setting up Rok Mobile APN Settings for Android is necessary to get fastest internet speed.

To enjoy the high-speed Rok Mobile net speed, follow the below detailed guide:

  • First, open the Settings
  • Select “Mobile Networks”
  • Tap on “Access Point Names”
  • Create a new Access Point Name (APN)

You will need to enter in several details such as name, APN, username and password. The name should be entered as “ROK Mobile”, while the APN should be set to “wholesale”.

There is no username or password required for this setup so just leave those fields blank before proceeding.

Once you have entered the following detail save the new Rok Mobile APN setting, and restart your device.

If still you are not satisfied with provided Rok Mobile Net speed, you can reset Rok Mobile APN to default and contact to customer support.

Rok Mobile APN Settings for iPhone 2024

Cellular Data SectionDetails

Rok Mobile LTE Setup LTE Setup

LTE Setup Section (Optional)Details

Rok Mobile iPhone MMS Section

iPhone MMS SectionDetails
MMS Message Size1048576

How To Setup Rok Mobile Internet Settings On iOS/iPhone?

  • Switch off the cellular data on your iPhone.
  • Click Settings > Cellular Data > Cellular Data Network.
  • Enter iOS Rok Mobile APN
  • Save the setting
  • Restart your iPad or iPhone.
  • Activate mobile data

Configuring the correct Rok Mobile APN setting on your iPhone mobile device can potentially result in faster internet speeds.

This is because the Rok Mobile APN setting determines how your device connects to the internet and can affect the performance of data-intensive applications such as video streaming or online gaming. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your Rok Mobile APN settings are up-to-date and correctly configured for optimal internet performance.

What Should I Do If My Rok Mobile APN Settings Are Not Working?

First, check that the internet connection is enabled on your device. If the connection is working properly, then make sure the correct Access Point Name (Rok Mobile APN) settings have been entered into your device correctly.

To find out which Rok Mobile APN settings is best, go to their website and search for “APN Settings” or contact customer support. Or Else you may direct enter our provided APN Settings for ROK Mobile.

After entering the Rok Mobile APN settings into your device, restart it and see if they are working properly now or not.

Can I Reset My Rok Mobile APN Settings To Default?

Yes, you can reset your Rok Mobile APN settings to default. To Reset ROK Mobile APN, navigate to mobile networks > APN settings, and then reset to default from the settings menu.

What Are The Correct Rok Mobile APN Settings?

Having the correct Rok Mobile APN settings is essential for optimal performance with Android & iPhone devices.
Rok Mobile’s APN settings should include the name ‘ROK TALK’ in the APN section and ‘rok_mms’ in MMSC.
Depending on which model of smartphone you have, enter the following Rok Mobile APN settings 2024. Finally, select LTE, 4G or 5G for your mobile network type.

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