Robi APN Settings 2024 – 4G/5G Internet Settings For Robi

In today’s digital world having an internet connection is not a luxury but a necessity. When it comes to the best and reliable internet connectivity in Bangladesh, Robi is a well known company that offers amazing plans. But due to having millions of users Robi internet can be a bit slower than usual and this is why updating Robi APN settings are important for everyone.

We will provide you with a step by step guide to configure APN for Robi sim cards to get higher internet speed. So let’s dive into this article and know the latest Robi 4G APN configurations.

But to effectively configure APN settings on your Robi sim card it’s important to understand what these settings are and how it can impact your internet connection.

What Is APN Settings For Robi?

APN settings stands for “Access Point Name” settings which acts as a gateway between your Robi network and device. It basically allows you to connect through the internet and use various services online.

Each network provider has its own APN settings and Robi is one of them operating in Bangladesh with more than 57 million active users in Bangladesh as of March 2024. So we will go through all APN configurations for Robi such as Android, IOS, & Windows to let you have the best internet speed.

Robi APN Settings For Android 4G/5G Internet

To configure Robi APN on Android just navigate to settings > Mobile Network & Internet > select sim card > access point name > add new APN.

Once you open the APN section to fill new details you need to copy and paste these settings here:

ProxyLeave Blank
PortLeave Blank
UsernameLeave Blank
ServerNot Set
MMS ProxyBlank
MMS PortBlank
Authentication TypeNot Set
APN typedefault
APN protocolIpv4
APN roaming protocolIpv4
Enable/disable APNAPN Enabled
MVNO typeNone
MVNO ValueNot set

Once you have saved the settings now just restart your Android device to automatically activate these new configurations. You can toggle airplane mode off/on to refresh your Android phone Robi network to use new APN settings for Robi.

Your Robi internet settings are configured successfully and now you can use the internet at best speed. Bit, if you are still having problem to use your internet try using these troubleshooting tips here:

  1. Make sure you have inserted sim correctly.
  2. Insert Robi sim into the “sim 1” slot.
  3. Check for signals, if not strong then try moving to another location.
  4. Contact Robi customer care.

Robi APN Settings For iPhone & IOS Devices

If you are using an iPhone in Bangladesh and using Robi as your network operator then you must update to the new Robi APN for iPhone devices. To set a new Robi APN on iPhone go to settings > cellular > cellular data option > cellular network and fill in the new details.

Robi Cellular Data Settings

UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank

Robi LTE Setup (Optional)

UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank

Robi MMS Settings For iPhone

MMS Proxyunchanged
MMS Message Sizeunchanged
MMS UA Prof URLunchanged

Once you are done with finding these details in your new 4G Robi APN settings for iPhone, just restart your device. Restarting your mobile will refresh all your networks and your phone will adapt to the new APN configuration for Robi as fast as possible.

Why Is My Robi Internet Not Working?

There can be so many reasons behind Robi internet not working. Some of them are wrong APN settings, unactivated sim cards, expired internet plans, and weak signals. So you can do plenty of troubleshoots to get your internet back on your Robi sim card.

Trouble Robi Internet Is Not Working

  • Wrong APN Settings: If you are using an old or wrong Robi APN settings on your device then you will not be able to access the internet. So it is important to always get updated with the latest Robi APN configuration to get the best internet speed possible.
  • New Sim Card: If you just bought a new sim card of Robi company and are not to use the internet then you must wait for 2-3 business days to get your sim activated. Usually a new Robi sim card takes up to 3 days to get activated and only after that you will be able to use the internet.
  • Weak Signals: If you are living so far from your nearest Robi network tower then you will also face weak signal problems. It will lead to slower internet connection and no internet connection as well.

Is It Necessary To Update Your Robi 5G APN?

Yes, it is important for users to update their APN settings for Robi sim cards to keep using the fast internet. However if you are still stuck to old ones then it can lead to slow internet connection or no internet.

Do I Need To Pay For New Robi APN Settings?

No, you can simply search it on Google or ask the Robi customer care team to provide you with the new Robi internet settings for your device.

What If I Fill the Wrong APN For A Robi Sim Card?

If you fill the wrong APN details for Robi sim then it might not work and provide no connection to your phone. In some of the cases it also deducts some balance from your account as a penalty for having wrong Robi access point name configuration.

Below here we have also mentioned APN settings for other companies as well on which you should also have a look once.

We hope these settings will help you to boost your internet speed easily.

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