Lycamobile Check Balance Code 2024

Checking your account balance with the help of Lycamobile check balance code is a piece of cake. But the main issue is, most of the users are not able to remember it on time. Using this USSD code avails you  easily and conveniently tracking your remaining Lycamobile balance.

Though there are other ways as well to check Lycamobile balance but first let’s talk about the Lycamobile balance check code 2024.

What Is Lycamobile Check Balance Code?

The check balance Lycamobile code is *131# by that will display your remaining balance on your phone screen. You can also use code 321 on your dialer to check the balance of your Lycamobile sim number.

If this USSD code is not working for you then don’t worry, we also have some other ways as well by which you can know your remaining Lycamobile balance.

How Do I Check Lycamobile Balance & Validity?

Users can use a few ways to check their Lycamobile balance. Here are the most common methods:

  • Use USSD Code: Just dial *131# from your Lycamobile phone and you will see your balance displayed on your screen.
  • Use Official Website or App: Users can also use the official website and application of the company to check balance Lycamobile.
  • Use IVR Service: Lycamobile users can also call on 321 with their phone to Automated Voice Response (AVR) of their remaining balance.
  • By Using SMS: Users can also get the balance information of their Lycamobile phone number by sending SMS on *131# & *94.

These are the best 4 ways by which you can easily check Lycamobile balance. But we suggest users to use Lycamobile check balance code first before trying other methods.

Check Balance Lycamobile Through App

Users can check their remaining balance of Lycamobile phone with the help of an application and website as well. To check balance for Lycamobile online follow the mentioned steps:

  • Go to Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Install Lycamobile application.
  • Open the app and sign in with your account.
  • Now go to your account & select the “Balance” option.
  • There you can easily see your remaining Lycamobile balance.

Lycamobile Check Balance Through Customer Support

To Lycamobile check balance just call on the customer support number 1-866-277-3221 and tell the executive to provide you with your remaining balance information. But keep in mind that Lycamobile has different contact number for different countries which we have provided here:

  • UK: 020 7132 0322
  • USA: 1-866-277-3221
  • India: 1800 419 0322
  • Pakistan: 021-111-322-322
  • Bangladesh: 0966 7132 0322

So call on the customer number for Lycamobile that works in your country to check Lycamobile balance. However, we still suggest you go with the Lycamobile check balance code to know your balance with ease.

How Do I Check Lycamobile Balance With SMS?

To check balance for your Lycamobile number, just text the USSD code *131# or 94# from your Lycamobile phone. After a few seconds your screen will display a text back message containing your all remaining balance information.

This lycamobile balance check will provide you the remaining balance of your Lycamobile number in a few seconds by just texting. However, there is a probability that it will not work for all users at same time depending on their phone model.

What Is The Purpose Of The Lycamobile Balance Check Code?

The purpose of the Lycamobile check balance code is to provide users with the remaining balance information. It is a USSD code that can be used by any Lycamobile user to know their balance in real time with zero cost.

Basically USSD codes are unstructured supplementary service data that are used for accessing information and services from their network. There is no doubt that Lycamobile has a long list of USSD codes from which Lyca Mobile balance check code is the simplest one.

Can I Check Data Balance With Lycamobile Check Balance Code?

Yes, users can also check their internet or data balance as well by using Lyca balance check code. Just dial *131# and press the call button to get the information related to your phone balances such as talktime, SMS, internet, and other VAS services.

Does Lycamobile Balance Check Code Works In All Countries?

Yes, the balance check code for Lycamobile works in all countries where the company operates. You can also use the balance check code abroad as well but you may face issues in some of the countries such as Afghanistan, Algeria, China, Cuba, and Iran.

Is Using Balance Check Code Lycamobile Free Or Paid?

The use of Lycamobile check balance code is free you just have to dial *131# and press the call button to know your Lycamobile phone balance.

Can I Check Other User’s Balance With Lycamobile Code?

No, the USSD code only can be used for your own number information and there is no way you can check the balance of other Lycamobile users.

How Can I Check My Lycamobile Bundle Status?

Checking bundle status is different from checking the balance information. But still by using the *137# USSD code, users can check bundle status for Lycamobile.

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