Cintex Wireless APN Settings 2024 – 4G LTE 5G Settings

Updating Cintex APN settings allow users to use 4G & 5G internet on their device with their internet plan. Access Point Name settings are an essential need of every mobile carrier as they include some important information like Name, gateway, and other details as well. So it is always important for every internet user to have updated Cintex wireless APN settings on your Android, IOS, or any device you have.

Cintex Wireless APN Settings IPhone 2024

Cintex Wireless APN Settings For iPhone

Changing APN settings for Cintex wireless on iPhone is not as hard as you think. Just copy and paste details from the table below here and get 5G internet speed with Cintex internet.

To change iPhone Cintex APN navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network.

UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank

LTE Setup:

UsernameLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank

MMS Settings:

MMS ProxyBlank
MMS Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLBlank

Once you fill all the Cintex APN data in the right sections, now just restart your Iphone and the APN settings for Cintex will get set automatically.

Cintex Wireless APN Settings For Android

To change APN settings for Cintex go to phone settings > Data > Mobile Network > APN > click on the + button.

NameCintex APN Details
NameCintex Wireless
APNLeave Blank
ProxyLeave Blank
PasswordLeave Blank
MMSCLeave Blank
MMS Proxy80
MMS PortLeave Blank
Authentication Type(none)
APN Typedefault,admin,fota,mms,supl,hipri
APN ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN Roaming TypeIPv4
Enable/Disable APNLeave Empty
MVNO TypeLeave Empty

After filling in this Cintex wireless APN for Android phone click on the Save Button available on your screen. You might have to restart Android mobile in order to fully set up your APN settings for Cintex Wireless.

The APN settings for Cintex internet are not hard to use, you can simply copy and paste everything from this page to update your Android Cintex wireless APN settings.

Does Cintex Wireless Have Internet?

Yes, Cintex wireless has internet services for its users. The company offers mobile broadband internet access service with 4g & LTE speed. Any Cintex wireless user who has an internet pack can easily access the internet with good speed.

What Network Does Cintex Wireless Use?

Cintex Wireless uses T-Mobile & AT&T networks to provide carrier services to its users. As of now, Cintex does not have its own network to run its services and this is why it uses the network of AT&T and T-Mobile.

What If My Cintex Wireless APN Settings Are Not Working?

If the APN for Cintex wireless is not working on your mobile phones then you should check if you have an active internet plan or not. You should also call the Cintex customer care service in order to get Cintex MMS settings for your device.

About Cintex Wireless

Cintex Wireless is a lifeline assistance program funded by the Federal Universal Service Fund is Cintex Wireless. Customers who qualify may only sign up for Lifeline. Lifeline service is one per household and is not transferable. Enrollment requires the presentation of identification and eligibility documentation.

You can visit to discover the terms & conditions. Not all states or regions offer Cintex Wireless service, and availability varies by state. Not every location has coverage. Customers who knowingly give false information to obtain the Lifeline benefit may be subject to a fine, imprisonment, or expulsion from the program.

How Do I Update Cintex Wireless APN Settings 4G?

To update APN for Cintex Wireless just follow these below mentioned steps:

  • Open settings app on mobile.
  • Click on mobile network settings.
  • Select Cintex network.
  • Open “Access Point Name
  • Click on + symbol to add new APN.
  • Fill in new APN details for Cintex & click on save button.

To fully setup the APN settings for Cintex Wireless you have to restart your mobile phone. You can also try to toggle on/off your device airplane mode to refresh your netork & set up new Cintex 4G APN settings.

Is It Safe To Update Cintex Wireless 4G APN?

Yes, it is safe to change your APN configuration for Cintex Wireless connection. Changing your settings will provide you a faster internet connection on your mobile by connecting you to the best internet server of your carrier services.

What Is The USSD Code To Get APN Settings For Cintex?

There is no USSD code to get the Cintex Wireless APN settings on your mobile phone. But you can call on the customer care services of Cintex Wireless to receive latest GPRS setting on your mobile. Once you get the Cintex Wireless internet settings just click on the install button to save those settings on device.

Why My Cintex Wireless Data Is Not Working?

It can be due to many reaons such as old APN settings, inactive internet plan, living in a low coverage area, and issue in telecom company servers. So it is hard to say which problem you are facing which is making your internet speed slower.

What If I Put Wrong APN For Cintex Wireless?

Updating your Cintex Wireless internet settings with wrong information can lead to no internet connection on your mobile. However, in some of the cases users get charged extra for using wrong APN settings on their mobile phone. So you should always check each and every information you are updating APN for Cintex Wireless with.

Why Update Cintex Wireless APN Settings?

By updating your Cintex APN settings you can easily get 4G internet speed on your mobile phone. You just have to copy & paste the APN setup to get the best internet speed.

What Is The Latest APN For Cintex 2024?

The latest Cintex APN are the settings by which users can easily get higher internet speed than usual days. In this setup you have to fill in details like Name, APN, MCC, MNC, Proxy, Port, & so more.

Above here you can also check some other companies APN settings by which you can increase your internet speed.

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