TPG Mobile APN Settings 2024 – 4G/LTE APN Settings

TPG mobile APN settings are the best way to increase any TPG mobile user’s internet connection speed. Access Point Name settings contain important details for cellular services to set up your internet services. So it is one of the most important configurations on your TPG mobile to get good internet speed. Below here we have already mentioned the 4G TPG APN settings for different operating systems which you can use to boost your internet.

TPG Mobile APN Settings For Android

These APN for TPG mobile will work on all smartphones having Android as their operating system. So you can apply the settings on Samsung, Realme, Redmi, Mi, Sony, Vivo, Oppo, and other Android devices too.

To set up TPG APN settings on Android go to settings > mobile network > select sim > Access Point Name and fill the following details.

TPG APNDetails
ProxyNot Set
PortNot Set
Username(Not set – Blank)
Passwords(Not set – Blank)
ServerLeave Blank
MMSCLeave Blank
MMS proxyNot Set – Leave Blank
MMS port(Not set – Blank)
Authentication typeNot set/None
APN typedefault,supl
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming ProtocolIPv4/IPv6
APN enable/disableAPN enabled
MVNO typeNone
Mobile virtual network operator typeNone
Mobile virtual network operator valueLeave it Blank

After you fill in the following details for your TPG APN then you have to restart your Android device to fully setup the APN configurations. It may take time as well to complete the TPG internet settings setup process and then you can use 4G/LTE internet on TPG mobile.

TPG APN Settings For iPhone

To configure TPG mobile APN settings on iPhone navigate to settings then go to cellular data and click on mobile data network and fill following details.

Cellular Data Details

  • APN: internet
  • Username: Blank
  • Password: Blank

LTE Details (Optional)

  • APN: internet
  • Username: Not Set
  • Password: Not Set

MMS Settings

  • APN: internet
  • Username: Leave Blank
  • Passwords: Leave Blank
  • MMSC: Default
  • MMS Proxy: Default
  • MMS Message Size: Default
  • MMS UA Prof URL: Default

To use this new iPhone TPG APN you will need to restart your iPhone or you can also toggle your Airplane mode on and off. It will instantly refresh your mobile network and will provide you net speed according to your new internet configurations.

How Do I Set Up APN TPG?

To set up TPG mobile APN settings on your device follow the following steps:

  • Open your mobile settings app.
  • Go to mobile network settings.
  • Select your TPG sim card.
  • Click on “access point name”.
  • Now, click on + symbol to add a new setup.
  • Fill in the APN TPG details & click on save button.

Why Is My TPG Data Not Working?

These can be so many reasons why your TPG data or internet is not working. It can be due to your old TPG internet setting, insufficient data balance, or an internal error of the telecom company. However, you can also get connected with TPG customer care service to know the real reason why your TPG data is not working.

What Are The APN Settings For TPG?

The best and updated TPG internet settings are:

  • Name: TPG-Mobile-INTERNET
  • APN: internet
  • MCC: 470
  • MNC: 02
  • Authentication Type: None/Not set

Is It Safe To Update Your TPG Mobile APN Settings?

Yes, it is fully safe to change or update TPG APN settings on your mobile phone. It can also lead to a boost in your internet speed or can also lead to extra charges on your mobile if you fill in the wrong details. So it is always suggested to fill each and every TPG mobile APN details after checking correct spellings and other details.

Why Should I Change My TPG Internet Settings?

Changing APN settings For TPG mobile can boost your internet speed and provide you better internet connection. You can also change your settings if you are not happy with your download and upload speed of your server.

How Do I Set Up TPG APN Settings on iPhone?

To set up TPG mobile APN settings on your iPhone go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network and enter the APN details.

Do TPG Mobile Provide 5G Internet APN Settings?

As of now, there are no TPG 5G APN settings which can be used by consumers to get 5G internet speed. So you have to wait until the TPG telecom services launch their 5G internet servers.

Is It Important For TPG Users To Update APN Settings?

Yes, if users want to get faster internet on their mobile then they should update their 4G TPG mobile APN settings to get LTE internet connection. It completely depends on the users whether they want to update their internet settings or not.

Who Can Change The APN Settings Of TPG Mobile?

Any TPG user can update their mobile APN settings if they are in search of faster or better internet speed.

Below here we have also mentioned some other telecom and mobile network operating companies internet settings that you can use to boost your internet.

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