How To Improve Internet Speed On Mac In 2024?

Getting slow internet on Mac makes it so hard to do your work easily. The Internet is one of the most essential things you need to complete any task in this generation. Work becomes a curse when using a Mac with a slow internet connection. So in this guide, we will tell you how you can improve internet speed on Mac with simple methods.

We will avail you with the best methods by which you can increase your net speed on Mac in a few minutes. However, if you are facing hardware issues then there are fewer chances that you find a genuine solution.

Why Is My Internet On My Mac So Slow?

There can be so many reasons behind it such as an old router or modem, corrupt WiFi configuration, wrong VPN connection, modem or router location, and so more. But there is no way by which anyone can find the reason behind the slow internet connection on your Mac device. So you can try all these methods to improve internet speed on Mac.

Methods To Speed Up Internet Speed On Mac

From the below list, you can pick any of the ways to boost your internet speed on a Mac.

Restart Your Mac & Router

Most of the time a simple restart can fix Mac’s slow internet connection as it interrupts theĀ  malicious attacks on your network. Restarting your Mac will clear all the created cache and will connect you to the least crowded channels. So first you should restart your router and try to test your internet speed if it is not okay yet then restart your Mac device. In order to restart your device just go to the Apple menu and choose the Restart option.

Change Your Browser

If you are using a Safari browser on your Mac then switch to any other browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Safari is the well-designed and fastest browser to use with Mac but you should switch browsers to check if it works for you or not. If it does not work then the problem is either with the router itself or your ISP is facing any issues from its end.

Use Ethernet Cable

Using a cable connection will surely improve internet speed on Mac devices. Wired connections are more stable and provide high speed internet as compared to wireless connection. However, if you are not able to find a cable to connect to your Mac then ensure that your device is close to your modem or router.

Update Your MacOs & Browser

Updating your browser and macOS will improve your device performance and address any bug or issue into your Mac device. Before updating your Mac system ensure that you take a backup of all your data and files. To update your system setup go to system settings, select general, and click software update on the right side.

Disable Unnecessary Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are helpful to do different tasks online but sometimes they also can be resistant to a good internet connection. So if you have downloaded lots of extensions then uninstall a few of them to improve internet speed on Mac. Also, check if any of the extensions have permission to your internet server and connection which can be the main reason behind slow internet speed.

Replace Your Wi-Fi Modem & Router

If you are using your Wi-Fi connection on Mac by sitting far from your router then it can also slow down your internet speed. Placing the router in the corner or deep area of your house will not avail you of proper servers and speed on your device.

Wi-Fi signals can get weaker or even blocked if you have many walls in your home. Signals can even get weaker if you have placed your router on your ground floor and accessed it from the 1st or 2nd floor.

Modify Channel Settings

Wi-Fi routers are set to automatically select the channels but to improve internet speed on Mac you can set it manually. Changing the wireless channels will significantly change the internet connection speed and will fix any issue with signal interfaces. You can change your wireless channels by accessing the wireless broadcast settings and there you can have a channel from 1 to 11.

Check Wiring Issues Or Port Connections

You can check if your Wi-Fi internet cables are connected to the router with the correct port or sockets. Your internet connection can also get interrupted due to any damage to your wiring which connects the router to the internet server. This can involve inspecting cables for damage or wear, ensuring they are properly connected to both the modem and router and testing different ports to see if one provides a stronger signal to your Mac.

Update Your Hardware

If you are using an old Mac device to use 5G or 4G internet then it can be a reason behind getting slow internet speed. Most of the old devices are not capable of getting the fastest speed from the internet to download or upload files and browse.

If you have a low-end Mac device you can upgrade it by adding hardware such as RAM, SSD, and more to improve internet speed on Mac.

Check For Interference

Internet signals can be interrupted by some devices such as microwaves and cordless phones. Try moving closer to your router or modem to elect any interfering object and boost internet speed on Mac. Moving your Mac to your Wi-Fi modem you will experience a faster & stable internet connection.

What Is A Good Internet Speed For Mac?

A good internet speed for Mac is considered to be 25 Mbps per person. However, if you are gaming then it should provide at least 20 to 30 MS (ping) which will be a good internet speed for gaming.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the number of devices and your location can significantly impact your Mac’s internet speed. But if you are still getting slow internet speed even by being close to your router then you should consult your ISP to troubleshoot the problem easily.

Can Using A VPN Will Improve My Internet Speed On Mac?

Using a VPN will not improve your Mac internet speed as it can only connect to any virtual location to get different geographical results. A VPN creates an encrypted connection between your internet and your device which can even slow your internet speed on a Mac device. But if your ISP has throttled your internet then it can bypass the restrictions and provide you better internet speed on Mac.

Should I Contact My ISP If I Experience Slow Internet Speed On Mac?

Yes, you should contact your internet service provider if you are getting slow internet speed regularly on your Mac device. They may be able to provide you with an exact issue that is causing slow net speed on the Mac system.

Why Is My Mac Struggling With WiFi?

If your Mac is not getting connected with any Wi-Fi then you should check for the Wireless Diagnostics, DNS settings, available updates, and physical hardware. If it does not work then you must restart your Mac to fix any bug that interrupts your Wi-Fi settings.

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