How To Boost Your Internet Speed For Streaming?

Buffering while streaming can make watching movies on Netflix and other OTT platforms annoying. Even after having the best Internet plan, most of the users face buffering while streaming any content online. This is why it gets so important to boost your internet while streaming and watch any content you want without anything stopping you.

There can be so many reasons why you are getting slow download speed, slow website browsing, and a lot of buffering while streaming music or video. So, in this video, we will let you know some of the best ways by which you can easily boost your Internet speed to watch any online content you want without buffering.

8 Tips To Speed Up A Slow Streaming Service

Tips To Speed Up A Slow Streaming Service

From below here, you can pick any of the methods to get rid of your buffering and slow streaming.

Check the Device Connected To Your Wi-Fi

The first thing you should do to speed up your slow streaming service is to check how many devices have been connected to your Wi-fi router. It can be done so easily by typing “10.0. 0.1” or “192.168. 0.1” into your browser to access the web interface. There you can find the option “connected devices” by which you can easily know how many devices are using your Wi-fi service currently.

If you find any suspicious device or IP address, then you can block them from using your Wi-fi Internet. Please note that we’ll never recommend blocking every device of your house or family to boost your streaming Internet service. Instead of it, you can also buy a new Internet plan, which will provide you with a faster Internet connection for you & your family members.

Use Ethernet Cable For Stable Connection

Using an Ethernet cable for streaming will provide you with a more fast and stable Internet connection as compared to a wireless connection. Wireless connections can be disturbed by any device, objects, and even from walls too which can make your streaming slow and laggy. So it is suggested to use a wired internet connection to stream without getting any buffering and slow download speed.

Pre-Download Your Content

This solution is not ideal and popular but you can also pre-download your content to stream it without getting any lag or buffering while watching. If you know what to watch and how much time it will take to watch your content, then it is the best solution you can do to get rid of buffering and slow streaming internet speed.

Most of the streaming platforms provide a free download option for the users to watch their content, according to their convenience and time. However, we do not suggest it as the best solution you can have, but it can be a good option for users who travel a lot and face slow streaming Internet connection in different locations.

Change Your Router & Modem Location

We know that we have already suggested using an Ethernet cable for a stable internet connection. But if you do not have an ethernet cable, then the only option you have is to stick with a wireless connection. Wi-Fi signals get weaker if you have placed your router in a corner or at a place where signals have to face walls and objects.

So if it is possible to move your router closer to your device, then it will surely increase your connection stability and streaming net speed. Also, keep in mind that keeping your router away from thick walls or places from the signals cannot flow towards your device. The more your device will be closer to your Wi-fi router, the more it will provide internet speed.

Update Firmware or WiFi Router

Sometimes using old and non-updated firmware for your Wi-fi can also slow down your Internet speed for streaming. You can update it by visiting the admin panel of your router and downloading the new firmware files for installation. If you are using a modem attached to your Wi-fi router, provided by your Internet service provider, then there is a high chance that you have got your firmware updated automatically.

Block Ads While Streaming

Most of these streaming websites display advertisements such as GIF pictures and endless ads while streaming content on their platform. Even if you skip the advertisement showing on your screen while streaming, it will still consume some of your data. So it is our recommendation to use any ad-blocking plugin or Google extension to block these kinds of ads to boost internet speed for streaming. You can go for Chrome extensions like fair adblocker, adblock plus, and ad blocker to block these ads and use your net connection.

Try Using Different Wi-Fi Frequencies

Users can also try using different Wi-fi frequencies available on their Wi-fi to boost Internet speed for streaming. It is a bit technical but if possible, then take a peek at your Wi-fi frequencies and channel settings. You can configure these settings from your router settings and adjust them to speed up streaming internet speed.

Every Wi-Fi connection has two frequencies 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. 2.4 GHz Frequency provides slower internet speed for streaming but can travel further and provide greater coverage. On the other hand, 5 GHz frequency offers fast internet but only provides a short-range area. So if you are not far from your Wi-fi router, then we suggest you use 5 GHz Wi-fi frequency to get fast internet speed for streaming.

Use WiFi Extender To Speed Up Internet

If possible, then you can also use a Wi-Fi extender to speed up your internet to get an unstoppable streaming experience. Using this small piece of equipment with your Wi-fi will give you Wi-Fi signals to the farthest corners of your location.

Wi-fi extenders are one of the best ways to boost your internet speed for streaming, as they will extend the reach of your Wi-fi signals to the corners of your house. With the help of this equipment, you will be able to use the GHz frequency even sitting far from your Wi-fi router.

How Can I Speed Up My Internet For Streaming?

You can speed up your internet in various ways, such as using an ethernet cable, deleting your temporary cache files, setting up your device to a lower screen resolution, pre-downloading your file, Turning off unnecessary programs that use data in the background, and so on.

However, there is no single way that can assure you to speed up your internet for streaming. So you need to use some of the ways to check which solution works for you and provides a stable internet for streaming without buffering.

What Is A Good Internet Speed For Live Streaming?

A good internet speed for live streaming is between 5 Mbps to 7.4 Mbps. With this internet speed, you can easily stream any live show or content on your device without getting a laggy screen and buffering. However, it depends on what resolution or video quality you choose to watch your video. The higher video quality you choose the faster internet you will need to live stream your content.

Why Is Streaming So Slow When I Have Fast Internet?

If you are facing slow streaming even after having fast internet then it can be due to ISP throttling. To check if your internet service provider has throttled your internet you can use a VPN and check if you are getting the same or faster internet speed.

If you are getting faster internet by activating VPN service then you should consult with your ISP to remove the throttling while streaming.

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