Fix High Speed Internet But Slow Buffering Issue 2024

Everyone wants to enjoy faster internet speed to easily access their favorite shows. But there might be many instances when you might face high speed internet but slow buffering issue.

That is why, here we will provide you with simple ways to fix high speed internet but slow buffering issue.

This will surely help you to stream your favorite shows at a very good speed. Also, we will let you know why this high speed but slow buffering issue occurs.

Methods To Fix High Speed Internet But Slow Buffering Problem In 2024

In case, if you even face the high speed internet but slow buffering issue then have are some fix that you try:

Methods To Fix Buffering Problem

Check Your Internet Settings

The very first thing that you should check is your configured internet settings. Most of the time this issue occurs because your have applied the wrong internet settings on your phone. In that case, you are suggested to apply the fastest APN settings for fast internet.

Here, at, we have provided the APN settings of some of the best telecom providers. You can find one according to your ISP and configure it on your device.

Close Other Background Apps

The second thing that you should apply is to simply check whether any app is running in the background or not. Most of the time, background apps consume a huge amount of data because of which you might face buffering issue.

So, you are simply suggested to check the apps running in the background and close them if you don’t need any more. Apart from this, you can also open your task manager and close these background running apps from there.

Clear Your Browser Cache

If you are streaming shows on a browser then also you might face the slow buffering issue. In such a scenario, it is suggested to clear the cache of your browser to fix this issue.

If still the issue is not fixed for you then you can either update the browser to the latest available version or switch your browser.

Adjust Video Settings

During peak hours, you might face this problem when you try to stream video with best quality. This mainly happens because to control the bandwidth, many internet service providers throttle the bandwidth.

To tackle the situation, you are suggested to adjust the video quality to lower ones to make fix the slow buffering issue.

Update Your Software

If your device has an outdated software version then also you might face this problem. To tackle this, simply update your device to the latest software version available.

To do this, navigate to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check For New Updates. Now, install the new version if it is available and after successful installation, restart your device.

After this, try to stream video and surely your won’t face the buffering issue anymore.

Contact Your ISP

If none of the provided methods work for you then you are simply suggested to contact your ISP. They will surely help you to fix the issue of high speed internet but slow buffering.

Most of the time, your ISP throttles your connection speed due to which your might face this issue.

In case if you highlight the issue in front of them, they will surely resolve it for you.

So, these are some of the top fixes that you can try to fix this issue. You can apply any of these solutions to tackle this problem.

Why Do I Have High Speed Internet But Slow Buffering?

There are lots of reasons because of why you might face fast internet but slow buffering issues. These are as follows:

  • ISP Throttling: The very first reason due to which you might face this issue because of the throttling from your ISP. During peak time, most of the ISP does this to control their bandwidth.
  • Outdated Hardware/Software: The next thing due to which you might face this issue because you have outdated software or hardware. Due to this, the slow internet but slow buffering issue occurs.
  • Apps Running In Background: This is also one of the possible reasons why you might face high speed net but slow buffering issues. You are suggested to close the background running apps to fix it.
  • High Quality Streaming: In case, if you stream shows in top quality then also you might face this slow buffering issue.

So, these are some of the prominent reasons which you might face high-speed net but slow buffering problems.

Does Slow Internet Cause Buffering?

Yes, you might face buffering issues if you are using a slow internet connection. This might occur both if you are watching a video or listening to audio content.

If your internet is slow, then it might take a lot of time to load it for you and you might face a buffering problem.

To tackle this, you are either suggested to stream the content in low quality or switch to a better network connection.

Will Faster Internet Speed Stop Buffering?

Definitely yes, as we have told your previously, the faster the internet the least will be the buffering issue. So, if you want to stream content buffering free then you should definitely use a better network connection.

Why I Have High-Speed Internet But Slow Buffering?

Well, this issue mainly occurs because of the following reasons including ISP throttling, limited bandwidth, software issues, etc.

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