Dito APN Settings 2024 – Android & iPhone Internet Configuration

Are you facing a slow internet connection problem while using the Dito internet? If yes then you should configure your Dito APN settings to get fast internet on your device. The Dito APN 2024 settings will help you to make your internet 5G within no time.

If you Android or iPhone you will have to use a different APN for Dito sim. So let’s get started and continue reading about how to increase Dito internet speed with Dito APN configuration.

Dito APN Settings For Android

The APN Settings for Dito can be different according to the Android device and version you have. But before changing your 5G APN for Dito make sure you have activated the Dito data plan on the device.

To configure Dito APN settings on Android go to settings > mobile networks > Access Point Name > Add new. Fill in the details as we have shown below here:

Proxynot set
Portnot set
Usernamenot set
Passwordnot set
Servernot set
MMSC(set as default)
MMS proxynot set
MMS port80
MCC502 (Leave Default)
MNC19 (Leave Default)
Authentication Typenot set
APN typedefault,supl,mms
APN protocolIpv4/IPv6
APN roaming typeIpv4
Enable/disable APNAPN enabled
MVNO typenone
MVNO valuenot set

After filling in these details mentioned above just restart your device and start using the internet. You will surely know the difference after using the fastest APN for Dito we have provided.

Dito APN Settings For iPhone

If you are using an IOS device or iPhone then just navigate to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Cellular Network.

Note: Leave the LTE configuration & Cellular data settings where they are, just make changes in MMS data settings.

Dito Cellular APN NameDito APN Settings
MMSCleave it blank
MMS Proxyleave it blank – not set
MMS Message Size1048576
MMS UA Prof URLblank

After changing your Dito APN, now you must restart your iPhone in order to set the new 5G Dito APN settings 2024.

If the slow internet connection problem is still there then check all the information you have filled in the new Dito APN configuration and save it. You can also call on the Dito customer care service if you are not able to use your internet.

What APN Should I Use For Dito?

While changing the Dito APN 2024 details fill in Name: DITO PH & APN: internet.dito.ph. These details will help you to get 5G internet speed in Dito without having any other internet problems.

About Dito Company

Dito was previously known as Mindanao Islamic Telephone Corporation, Inc. This telecommunications and multimedia and information technology company in the Philippines. This company offers services in different regions and people complain about its slow internet speed problem.

People are also willing to pay high charges for good internet speed but still, there are some problems Dito cannot solve. So this is where we can help you with updated Dito APN settings configuration.

Updating or changing your Dito APN will help you to get 5G internet speed on your device within a few minutes.

How To Access The Internet On New Dito Sim?

If you have recently bought the Dito sim then just insert the sim card into your phone > go to settings & click on the mobile network and then APN > now click on add new button and type in internet.dito.ph.
After this process now just start the internet on your device and you will be able to do anything online.

If the new Dito APN settings are still not working then try it again after restarting your device.

Before accessing the internet on your new Dito sim, make sure it is activated from the company side with a valid data plan. You can look into your message inbox if you have got an activation SMS containing your login password details.

If you have ported your Dito sim to another telecom network then we also have internet settings like Straight Talk APN Settings and others as well.

How Do I Update APN For Dito On My Mobile?

To update Dito APN configuration just follow the below-mentioned steps we have provided here:

  • Open the mobile settings app.
  • Click on the Mobile Network option.
  • Select Dito sim & network.
  • Click on “Access Point Name“.
  • Click on the + symbol to add a new APN.
  • Fill in the new details & save the settings.
  • Restart your phone to set a new APN for Dito automatically.

Users can also toggle their device airplane mode on/off to refresh the phone network and set Dito APN.

Why Should I Update Dito APN Settings 4G?

Updating APN settings for Dito provides a better internet connection by connecting you to the fastest server. But before updating mobile APN settings save your old APN details to revert them back if you want. Keep in mind that filling APN for Dito with the wrong details may lead to no internet connection on your device and sometimes extra charges as well. So check each spelling of the APN details you are filling into your device APN section.

Does Dito Provides 5G Internet Service To Its Users?

Yes, Dito provides a 5G internet connection to its users with DITO 5G home WiFi starter kit. Users need to buy this kit to activate their home WiFi prepaid services with 5G internet then they can top up with any 5G plan to experience 5G internet. Every Dito plan will get activated for 30 days with data rollover and other Dito rewards.

Are There Any DITO APN Settings For Calling?

Yes, in your Dito APN section just fill in NAME: Dito Telecom & APN: ctnet. These settings will provide you with a better connection for calling too.

Why My New Dito APN Is Not Working Properly?

Check if you have inserted your sim incorrectly, you have a valid Dito data plan, you have filled in the details correctly & restarted your phone. It can also happen if your mobile does not support the new APN details for Dito.

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